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It's over. I took back the Natha Studio boots. My far left ankle kept rubbing, and even the temporary band-aid procedures I go through wasn't working. They seemed a tad big and I thought perhaps an 8.5 but there wasn't any at Nordstrom's Rack. Could have tried DSW but never mind. Haven't found anything else suitable yet, and I'm also looking at winter coats - generally of the dressy sort but WARM.
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Had to bump this one as a bit of a PSA to recount my experience with a pair of Natha Studios purchased at Nordstrom Rack. I found a pair of black lace-ups in my size marked down with red tags to a ridiculously low price (about $22). They looked OK and I figured that I could use them on days that didn't call for something snazzier. Well, after less than three weeks the rubber on the heel has more or less disintegrated. It's rainy this week so I'll keep them for another day or two, and then they're going into the garbage. I'm not one to gratuitously diss low-end shoe brands... a couple of years ago I found a pair of $25 black Bostonian slipons at an outlet and they served me well for nearly a year. But this is really beyond the pale... I gave the brand the benefit of the doubt given that it was at Nordstrom Rack alongside AE, Cole Haan, etc., but with the benefit of hindsight I'd steer clear of Natha Studio at any price.
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I actually have three pairs of Natha Studio boots I got at DSW. The most I paid for any of them was probably $65. I've bought two pairs of Steve Madden boots (one for $99 and another for $149). Both of my Steven Madden's started falling apart within a few months. All of my Natha Studio boots are still in great condition. One pair I even wore almost every day for over a year. I actually bought that pair because it matched a brown leather jacket I had. That jacket hasn't fit in a few years but the boots are still in great shape. So much so that I'm always looking for a new jacket to go with those boots. I want to like Steve Maddens but after spending more money on boots that fell apart, I am hesitant to buy them again unless I can get them for under $60. I've never had any problems with the Natha Studio's that I have bought.
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This thread and forum came up in a Google search for "Natha Studio" - I was interested in contacting them since most reputable manufacturers of quality products usually stand by their products.  Naturally there seems to be no info found on this company I assume is just some Chinese conglomerate.


I'll add on to this thread in hopes other people who are looking to research Natha Studio shoes can stumble upon this page and form opinions.


I purchased some boots I thought were a great deal from DSW and thought they would be as good as the Rockports and Florsheims I've snagged before from DSW.  I was wrong.


Wore them 2-3x a week for 3 months.  Not including the "Made in China" tag, the first clue they were crap is a piece of the cheap rubber sole chipping from walking on a gravel walkway.  Second clue was how easily they scratch and scuff.  Third clue was this:


IMG_20120111_184440.jpg  IMG_20120111_184405.jpg



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I just  bought my second pair of Natha Studio shoes, and I love them.  I  bought a pair of black Natha Studio dress shoes at DSW six years ago, and they are still in excellent shape.  Yesterday I bought a pair of Natha Studio black dress boots.  They fit perfectly, are very stylish and the price was very affordable.

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I bought a pair of NS at DSW several years back.  I paid $185 (reduced from $210) for them.  I figured if DSW was charging that much for them they ought to be worth the investment.  I must say "They are rather BAD ASS!".  These are marked made in Italy on the leather sole, the tongue, and on the heel of the insert.  They are rock solid and make me feel solid when I ware them.  There is probably metal in the back most sole construction.  I only wear them on special occasions...There fore I can not speak for their durability past 100 hours of wear.  It should be noted that I take very good care of my leather attire.  One should always clean, condition, and polish fine leather to keep it fine.


Below is a rather poor quality pic of the shoes I'm describing.  

Note the square toe...DSW does not offer these anymore.





Cheers all!

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Sometimes it's all in the scrolling down that brings the lulz.
Originally Posted by Flambeur View Post

They are garbage. Move on.
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I've now purchased them and hope to enjoy them.


It should be noted that Natha Studio shoes are usually found at outlets because of the misprint in the name. Should be Nathan Studios
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I actually picked up a pair of Natha boots Item # 227580, and they have been the most comfortable pair of boots ive ever owned, from day one. Unfortunately, in less than 6months the sole on the right heel has separated from the boot, and ill be getting it repaired. The boots are made in china, and despite the poorly attached heel(the heel is glued, the rest of the sole is sewn to the boot, and is holding fast.) the boots are well made, made entirely from natural leather. Id actually like another pair, but cant find anyone selling them...

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They are made in CHINA!

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Natha shoes are absolute garabage, I'm posting this today because my 4 month old dress shoes from them decided to split the soul the entire width of the shoe exposing the interior of the shoe to the wonderful winter weather.

Very frustrating. That will be the last time I ever buy cheap shoes
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Very comfortable boots for men . run true to size. prices are very competitive and for leather boots not faux leather or in other words FAKE leather; ergo... vinyl. Yes, made in China just like most other products like Nike, Adidas, Reebok and eberything else for that matter. 

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good use of snazzier rather low brow and dated.

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you are sooooo classy and the spell check is your friend 'garabage'.

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you really can't be that lame or perhaps you are. you are. bonehead.

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Take care you your shoes!  You know you paid a discounted price for them and you're wearing them like they're $200 brands.  Come on man!

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