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Originally Posted by BigSur
my hair kind of sucks... you really can't do anything with it. I don't think its dry but tends to look dry at times. It is also very thick and I have alot of hair. Its very hard--at least for me--to style. Idealy, I would like to my hair to look healthy and moist and I would like for it to cooperate with a messy style. My goal has proven somewhat impossible. It always seems to look its driest when I put any kind of styling product in it. I've gotten to the point where I get really short haircuts and get them really often and just let my hair sit naturally (which actually looks good on me, but I often find myself wishing I could style it). I've never tried any shampoo or conditioner that I have paid more than $10 for and have never used a product that I've paid more than 15-20 dollars for. Is this probably the reason why? I'm willing to purchase something pricier for significant improvement but I guess I'm somewhat reluctant to waste money trying out different brands and have it be in vain. Anyone have any similar experience or any tips?

A good hairstylist should be able to make some suggestions and help you find a style you are happy with. One doesn't have to pay a ton of $ for a good stylist.

Also, if you go to a stylist, they should have samples for you to try. If they charge anything, it may be $1-$3 for some travel size samples.

Don't be afraid to try different stylists and see which of their suggestions work for you.
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I use MenScience body wash with a kese.

I know it's a late reply, but I just read your post. I'm looking up this "kese"...are these mits somewhat abrasive?
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Yes. They're designed to be exfoliating.
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Now I am intrigued...I feel like getting one just to compare to my Salux cloth, which I love.
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The best shampoo that I have ever used, is Jean-Marc Maniatis SHIINE, bioacide de fruits. A close second, is Queen Helene, Mint Julep.
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I use jr liggett's bar shampoo, tea tree and hemp formula...nothing lathers better http://www.jrliggett.com/
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I have very thick, wavy hair and the best I've tried so far is Anthony Logistics shampoo and conditioner.
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Originally Posted by Zhivyetz
I'll second the Nioxin recommendation. They also have a formulation made specifically for "thick, unruly" hair. I foolishly bought it despite having fine, thinning hair

Nioxin is over priced to the max! Doesn't do a thing for thinning hair. It was developed by a dermatologist (yay!) who was trying to help her dad reverse his balding. It doesn't work, to say the least. If you want something for thinning hair then try a tea trea oil shampoo or something with buckthorn, so I've heard.

All you need is a shampoo without sodium laureth sulfate, which is hard because most drugstore and salon brands have it.

If you want something easy and cheap, use this:

Doesn't dry your hair out at all. Salon "product" is over priced.

I haven't tried their kelp or biotin flavors but next time I will try the biotin one for S&G.

Listening to hairstylists talk about hair is outrageously funny. They think they are doctors.
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Yes I was an idiot and let my haircut lady talk me into some Nioxin scalp treatment stuff. What a joke.
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Bumble and Bumble Tonic shampoo
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Listening to hairstylists talk about hair is outrageously funny. They think they are doctors.

Brings back fond memories of going to a drunkard and him cutting into a cowlick, then telling me I was going bald.

I'm going to try the Jason shampoo though. I like their aloe gel as an aftershave balm sometimes. It's also good to treat my cat's hot-spots around his neck.
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I use Biolage. I am right now trying the Costco generic but as soon as I'm done back to Biolage Matrix and J Crew Conditioner.
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I use organic ginsing shampoo from AubreyOrganics. Im no tree hugger or anything like that but i once read an article about all the nasty cancer causing chemicals that are in shampoo which your putting on your head. I switched to organic and havent gone back since.
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Does anyone know about the products from Karastase?
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