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Where can i get...

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Where can I get one of those high collared shirts that are frequently seen on Karl Lagerfeld? I like the look of that collar and I'd love to find a shirt like that.
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doesn't karl lagerfeld still to this day get all his own personal shirts made in england by hilditch & key?
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LOL. Don't ask me.
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lol okay, i'll rephrase i believe that the shirts in question are made for mr lagerfeld by hilditch & key
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I'm guessing that place is uber exclusive and expensive. Is there any company than actually makes a shirt like that? I've never seen one on anyone but him. I guess not.
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Hilditch & Key Not that expensive for their normal stuff, and definitely not exclusive. Ask them for a catalog; if nothing else they have some good ideas on combos of colour / styles and good colour pics. As for the collar, I'm sure you could get any good tailor to make a shirt with a collar like that or make a collar like that for any shirt you have. Tailors usually have a set rate for replacing collars and cuffs on shirts and making a custom shape collar shouldn't be that big a deal. I've never seen a company offer that as an option, though the tie companies that make shirts for showing off their ties seem to offer them with higher stance collars. For example, I have a Robert Talbott shirt with about a 1-1/2x-normal size collar. But nothing approaching this: Of course, he also claims to sleep under ermine and sable bed coverings so I doubt he worries about getting shirts made custom.
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Thanks. I like the idea about getting a tailor to construct a collar like that. I don't know what it is about it that appeals to me. I think it's just so ridiculously big that I need to have one like it. Like a novelty item almost. I'll check out that website.
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Ask Alex Kabbaz for some old tom wolf Collars. I think he just wears these to cover up some botched plastic surgury. Just get the loose skin removed.
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I saw this guy on the street about a month ago, an he looks like an alien in real life. He was wearing a high collar, though a bit more stylish and normal looking than the one in the pic. Are you sure you want to wear one of these types of shirts? They may look cool, but I can't imagine it to be anything but super uncomfortable.
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N&L sell some attachable collars on their website : click here
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