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Things Sartorial Worth Checking In Berlin & Prague

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Planning a trip to Berlin & Prague, what are the stores and makers worth a visit in Berlin & Prague?
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You could have a look at "Chelsea Farmers Club" in Bleibtreustr, near Savignyplatz.
What you'll find there are "traditional British clothes", that is lavender moleskin pants, burnt orange cords and so on.
What's really good about the store is that it's all presented a little ironically, with a twinkle in the eye.
If you're interested in niche scents, you'll like The Different Scent in Krausnickstr, in Mitte.
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In Berlin, the store of Patrick Hellmann (not completely sure about spelling), here you will find the brands that are always discussed on SF
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Lots of nice stores on and around Vaclavske Namesti in Prague (metro stop Mustek). I just did window shopping though, so not sure on prices and selection. Also do the obligatory walk along Karlova all the way from Karlovy Most (Charles Bridge) to where it intersects Husova. There are a lot of nice shops there as well, although the main attraction is the multitude of touristy shops where you can pick up 8-dollar cashmere scarves for gifts (there are many of these around Karlovy Most as well. Have fun - Prague is a wonderful city...
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I didn't know this one yet; the website is quite sophisticated: Also, if you're interested in bespoke in Berlin, there are some addresses. For shoes, there are some small stores that carry the usual suspects like Grenson, Lobb, EG, C&J... but you can have that everywhere. For eh... unusual footwear you can have a look at Axel Bohne: Some of his shoes seem to be made by Alfred Sargent. If that's your cup of tea, you can have a look at Herr von Eden: PS: don't be fooled by the loud website, you can find fairly conservative stuff at Herr von Eden.
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Berlin: galeries la fayette and shops around hackeshe markt although there are alot of independent designers so if you want high end, the area around GlaF would be good to start - am going next week; cannae wait.
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One more day of shopping here ~ found an amazing shop called 14oz with a mix of sart| higher end strret. DNL and Nigel Cabourn ~ haversack ~ anachronorm ~ globe trotter luggage. Personal shopping can be arranged on the upper floors in private rooms.
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Rothbart, empty your mailbox... tried to PM you: you might want to PM member BerlinReport. He lives in the city and can probably recommend some places, plus he runs a store of his own.
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