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lorenzini shirts for 15.75 guys...

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korshak sent me about 12-15 lorenzini shirts that someone bought, cleaned, then brought back to shorten the sleeves, then never picked up. i don't really want to handle them but thought i'd throw it out there. no pix yet as i was going to just send them back but i don't think that they really want them back. basics like french blue, greys, contrast collars, french cuffs etc.

also i got some new Lorenzinis from Lorenzini, about 60, 40 dress shirts and 20 or so sport shirts. will be posting them later, but lots of 15.5, 15.75 in there!
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What size neck would that be? 39cm? What is the price, I would be interested in buying some possibly.
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I'm possibly interested also at a certain price.
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Lance - can you also post the sleeve length? thanks!
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I'm definitely interesting in seeing photos and getting more info like the cut of the shirts, and sleeve lengths as already mentioned.
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Hi Lance:
I'm interested as well. What's the sleeve length?
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Anything near a 15.75-32?
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hey guys, sorry for the delay. those from SK are all 15.5 (39) and sleeves around 36. i guess they didn't get to shortening them. there was a work tag to shorten them so i figured they had but they haven't. the store told me he probably did not wear them, just sent them to the cleaners and then brought them back in adn never picked them up. let me know who's interested
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I am interested in these, possibly buying 2-3 depending on the price.
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Maybe interested in a couple depending on the price.

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Count me in depending on price.
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Still interested in the pics of both dress and sport shirts. May be more interested in the sport shirts assuming tailored/slim fit. Is 39 the chest size? I am assuming shortening the arms to 34/35" shouldn't be a big deal correct?
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adjusting sleeve length is easy for any seamstress who is half-way competent -- $10-15

I wouldn't worry about it
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