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Originally Posted by ben2t View Post

i envy you guys that are taller, i almost full the trigger on the 21oz from blueowl but chainstich hemming is not available for the jeans at present so i'll wait for a while.
Originally Posted by Tate Yoko staff View Post

You can probably get them hemmed with a normal single needle lockstitch. If you don't wear the jeans with a cuff then nobody will ever know that they aren't chain-stitched.

I think you can ship them to Self Edge and it'll cost $15-25 for a chainstitch? I forget.
I couldn't wait that long, so I just went with a normal single lockstitch. The lockstitch has held up well and is stronger than the chainstitch.

My jeans are kept cuffed besides for certain pairs of shoes, no one is going to notice. I'm sure even if a SFer walked back, he would not care if your jeans are chainstitched or not.
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Originally Posted by Crump's Brother View Post

Just got my 21 oz. a couple of days ago

Any who has them or jeans that are similar in terms off indigo rubbing off/fading qualities have any issues with staining light car interior?

Since the denim seems to be very abrasive I'm concerned about staining a tan car interior

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Put a towel down. You know indigo denim is going to bleed
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Guys, do the UBs really stretch in the waist?  I'm in between sizes.  I'd like to go down one, but I was under the impression that the sanfornized denim doesn't really stretch.

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I'm no denim expert, but I was wearing a pair of 1969 Gap jeans today and I just received a pair of 21-oz UB last week. Like night and day. No knock on the Gap denim, but it is like wearing paper compared to the UB 21-oz stuff. I doubt I'd wear the UB in the summer, but the Gap denim would be perfect. On the other hand, I don't imagine the Gap denim will fade well at all.
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gap denim used to be good...not so much now, unbrandeds are better in that department.

I still think if you can get your hands on a pair of some UNIQLO selvedge, those would be the best bang for your buck
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The UB's are way better than a pair of Gap selvedge jeans. Old navy would be a better comparison to Gap if we are playing that game.

As for sz 34's stretched around an inch+ in the waist. I'm waiting on my 33's to get back. Being that they are 1 size down from my usual waist I should have a better answer once I get those back.
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Just got my beige chinos in the mail today. They fit pretty damn good and I love how well the cuffs keep their shape. Def a good buy for $90. I'll get some pics up when I get a chance mañana
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I'll get a full pic up later. Sz 34 chinos
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Those look really great man

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1st day of wearing my tapered, TTS



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Thats exactly how the taperds should fit
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A guy on reddit posted his Unbranded 21oz fades after only 1 month of wear... Crazy!...


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Question: do you guys approach the selvedge chinos with the same no-wash/lets-fade mentality? I dont think I can handle having so many pairs of pants constantly hanging up to air out, I need stuff I can just throw in a cold gentle cycle and hang dry...

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