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Just got my 21oz skinnies. The denim is pretty damn nice. They have this wax look to them up close. I am trying to capture it with my camera but doesn't do them any justice. I really wish they would fix the front pocket issue. I mean are they making these jeans for small boys with pinkies for fingers. Even with a few short comings they are still one of my favorite fitting jeans. I own a few iron hearts and sammies which in my mind are the best quality but fit wise these win IMO
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its winter, wear a jacket with pockets lol and for the summer put it in your ass pocket (might not be safe depending where you are but youll feel someone tugging at your stiff 21oz for sure if they try to pick pocket you)

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U are right ..I don't really use my front pockets anyway but it's more of a habit of mine where I occasionally put my hands in my pockets out of comfort I think.
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bummer. i was hoping the pocket bags would be bigger. glad to hear you are happy with them though. how to you size on them? compared to their 14 oz
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I have the 14oz in a 33 and the 21oz in a 34. Although I very well could have went with the 33's again. I really do love the way the denim looks and feels. Definitely a good buy for all who are on the fence with these
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I'll get some fit pics on here of both in a lil bit
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cool! i sized up one also. hope it works out for me. the 14oz needed to stretch at least an inch for me to wear them comfortably when i went tts, so i assumed it would be tougher to get that stretch out of the 21ozers
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nice fit!
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your 14oz look amazing
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Thanks a lot..I am loving these right now.  Just said to my wife these might be my favorite fitting heavy denim.  I have the 555 Iron Hearts which are also skinny fitting jeans but they are such a weird fit on me as are the Sammy 710 and the Iron heart 666.  I have spent a lot of money to find out I like the fit on a cheaper pair like Unbranded.  These are a pleasant surprise for sure

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yea, what good is amazing quality denim when it looks funny on you.
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Doesn't matter what's on the label if it doesn't fit  .  .  .


The UBs look like a good fit for you.  Thanks for posting fit pics.

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Damn how long have you been rocking those 14oz's for? I've had mine for 1.5 years and they don't look half as good.

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Just got my 21oz unbranded 221 (tapered fit) sz 38 (wide waist due to deadlifting/squating lol)


Just out of the box:


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