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not alot left. Eaton center. 

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fuuuuuu okay, the promenade one is closer to me.  ill check that out tomorrrow or something

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I am getting reports that peps are finding these at TJMaxx. 

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yes. they are selling it for $20. only the taper leg version.
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I think Marshalls sold them too?
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yea, i found a pair of skinnies at marshalls for 15. im not sure about tjmax but i know that marshalls started receiving items from urban outfitters so thats how the unbrandeds ended up there, i think.
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I'm going to Marshalls tomorrow

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Any chance someone has a 31 tapered indigo that wants to trade for a 32?

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anybody get the 21oz on the first shipment? i got in on the second one. curious about a review of them.
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Wanted to post my UB 301s.
11+ months, 1 wash.
I have had no quality issues with these jeans at all and am interested in the 21 oz tapered. Can anyone comment if they deepened the shallow front pockets? Overall great first foray into raw denim now I just need to resist the premium brands...

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^^^^ Is that with daily wear?

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More or less
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One thing I would like to say to people getting the 21oz/elephants is if you force the buttons on, don't come crying about broken buttons or burst seams. This comes from experience and seeing people complain on their ele2s.

You wear them unbuttoned at home for the first week or so to soften them up whilst stretching the button holes in order to have everything fit and nothing burst.
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^ I popped a button off even without forcing it lol but that was just on the fly, not the waist


Also, the fades are quite nice

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What's up guys just got the email from blue owl that my sz 34 skinnies in the 21 oz are on their way. I am pretty pumped considering I own a pair of the lighter weight skinnies and they look sick. I can only imagine how the 21 oz will fade. Anyone get theirs yet?
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