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yea they stretched out too. the pocket bags are soo shallow thats the real problem.
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Will hit a year on my pair in Sept. Haven't had any washes yet, still smelling great.
I find the front pockets useless for the typical person. This is what I carry (being a EDCer)

Pens clipped in front right pocket
Blade in coin pocket
Keychain on belt loop
Wallet in back right
Flashlight in back left

Phone goes in back left or in hand, move to table/front pocket when sitting.
Pockets are basically the only thing that annoy me with these.
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Unbranded Beige & Navy 13oz Raw Selvedge Chinos: Coming Soon!

Unbranded will be introducing several new products this fall. Two of the most intriguing uses a 13oz Japan made raw chino fabric which will be offered in a beige and a navy colors. The fabric has a very soft hand, good weight, and sewn into a perfect fitting 5 pocket jean for a reasonable price of only $78. Both fabrics will be offered in all 3 Unbranded fits. We will stock the skinny and tapered fits initially. The skinny fits recently came out of production and we expect them to be in stock next week. The tapered fits are still in production and will be released in mid-October. Here are a few more details.

Unbranded 13oz Beige Raw Selvedge Chino

Unbranded 13oz Navy Raw Selvedge Chino

More details on our blog:
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Unbranded 21oz Super Heavy Weight Raw Selvedge: Coming Soon!

Another new Unbranded release this fall will be a 21oz super heavy weight raw selvedge denim. The fabric will have a soft feel and smooth surface, yet have the girth and rigidness you would expect from a heavy weight fabric. The indigo color is a nice dark shade that will fade incredibly well. This one is offered in all 3 Unbranded fits (Skinny, Tapered, Straight) and we will stock all 3. The first run is currently in production and we expect the first release in late October. Best part, these will retail under $100. Here are a few other photos, more details will be available upon arrival!

Above are from the sample, production will be slightly different:
- The 21oz will be chain-stitched at the hem
- The selvedge edge will be beige/blue/beige, not red like in the sample photo
- The buttons will be iron color not copper like in the sample photo

More details on our blog:
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Hehe... I love a good denim "girth". You da man Jay!
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Upadate of my UB201 at 3 1/2 months of total wear after its 1st hand wash. Everyday i am loving it more yhan any of my jeans that cost 6 to 8 times more. BO i will definitely get one of that 21 oz pair hehehe.

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Just three and a half months?


What the hell do you do to those things???

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Got this in the mail May 16 then i started wearing them that day because i am excited its my 1st raw denim. So it is a little bit more than 4 months but i have my NF that i wear sometimes, the image color is a little bit lighter than the actual color. I had a sea wash last july 16 and one premature hand wash August 28 because i spilled red wine on one leg but it turn out more beautiful. Hope my future Samurai and Iron Heart will fade the same way ah i forgot to answer your question, JUST WEAR THEM EVERYDAY AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE AND WEAR THEM THE WAY YOU WANT IT.biggrin.gif and well that sea wash might be called cheating but i want to wear a pretty faded jeans were the honeycomb and creases in the right place not a pretty faded damage jeans.
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Think of the pain i had breaking this beauty for the 1st few weeks! I almost gave up. So definitely i will size down 1 on any sanforized denim i will buy in the future it is worth the pain for the fit i am looking for a jeans, so my 5cent advice is to size down, mine stretch 2 sizes after 2 weeks.

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21oz for under $100?


That's crazy

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Hi I'm new here. Been browsing around this forum for a while now and these look like a great starter pair to get me into the denim game. Though I need help with sizing, everyone says to go TTS or up one on the skinnies and some say as much as up two. I have a true waist of 31-31.5" and I need to know how much smaller is the actual waist compared to the tag size. About .5"? 1"? Should I go with 31's or 32's? I'm about 5'10" and 130-140lb if that helps.
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I am 5'6" and my true waist is 32 and i bought tag size 30 on UB201 actual measurement is 31. So in other words i went 2 sizes down and you can see in the photos the sacrifice i endured for the 1st week or so. Now the current measurement is waist 33 tight 12 knee 8.5 hem 7, inseam 35. They were not the skinny type but rather the tapered one. My 5cent of advice is forget the tag size go for the actual size, if your true size is 31.5 go for 32 measurement and if you are brave enought and want slim fit then go for 31. Check blueowlworkshop they have the actual measurement on their website.:Di:)
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Samurai 21oz $398 BIG
Iron Heart 21oz $430 Selfedge
UNBRANDED 21oz for less than $100. WTF!!!!smile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gif
NO OFFENCE to those Denim Head for the price comparison, since poor guy like me can only dream of owning one SAMURAI OR IRON HEART 21oz's jeans. From my experience i know unbranded will look good just any other raw denim if you beat them up.
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If you're going to equate Unbranded with Samurai or Iron Heart, you're just deluding yourself.
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Originally Posted by ben2t View Post


Lots of people do that, not a lot of people get fades like yours in the amount of time you have spent wearing them.


You must have magic sweat or something.  Well done, they look awesome, can't wait to see more shots in a few months.

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