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i just picked up a pair of the skinny fit on ebay for about $35 shipped.
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I read over on superfuture that tapered fit does not fit like a weirdguy. Any truth that it's roomier? Also, what does skinny unbranded fit similar to? The petit standard?
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Originally Posted by TACO_FLAVORED_KISSES View Post
I read over on superfuture that tapered fit does not fit like a weirdguy. Any truth that it's roomier?
Also, what does skinny unbranded fit similar to? The petit standard?

The tapered fit isn't too far off from the weird guys, but yeah they are a little roomier all the way down. The unbranded skinny fit is closer to a perfectly sized down NS, not like the PS those are waaay more tapered. I've seen some really nice fits for both these cuts but i like the more slim tapered kind of fit, so i'd go with the tapered. Depends on your body type and what kind of fit you like though
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anybody looking to get a pair for really cheap check out .........! 57 bucks,
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In my experience the unbranded tapered are quite a bit roomier than the weird guys. I ended up getting the skinny's because of the ankle flare I was getting with the tapered ones.
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I had a pair of these that I took the leather tag off of (they're all stitched over the weft) and made into shorts. They're finally a decent product. They stretch quite a bit.
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skinnies are on sale right now for 49 bucks!
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I still have a pair of UB101 Skinnys in 32 for sale if anyone's interested. And While I agree the heft and weight of the denim are top notch, I am less confident about the quality of the hardware ,especially the buttons.

Surprisingly enough, when I tried tapered and Skinnys in the same size, I swore the tapereds were slimmer. Weird.
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what do you want for them? Are they already hemmed? I have a pair of new 33's if the 32s are too small!
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Unbranded: Can no be found at Blue Owl (arrives next week)

Unbranded is a denim label with no branding of any kind (not even on the leather tag), no washes, no embroidery, no ad campaigns, and no extra costs billed into the price of the product. It basically strips denim down to the essentials in order to achieve a reasonable price. It is a 15oz Japanese raw selvedge denim with great details, a great fit, and only $78.

Unbranded is the perfect raw denim for a neophyte to the raw denim scene. The fabric is a 15oz sanforized raw selvedge made in Japan and rope dyed in indigo. The denim is sewn in Macau in the same factory that makes other premium denims like ACP and Evisu. The construction features a button fly, hidden rivets, a leather tag, and chainstitched hems. Available in 3 fits: skinny, tapered, and straight. Available in indigo or black. Our first shipment in on the way and will be in store within 2 weeks. Blue Owl will stock skinny and tapered in both indigo and black.

More details are on our recent blog post
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Worn on and off since I got them at an after-christmas sale. Best $10 I've spent in a long time. smile.gif


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Just checked out the Urban Outfitters out in Rancho C, CA. Not only did they not carry Ubranded but they didn't even know what it was..
Looks like i'll be ordering online.

The 31 skinny would be my size but the thigh measures slightly smaller than my own thigh.. I can get a 32 but everything will be more "roomy". Should i buy then soak to shrink? How much does it shrink in the waist?
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I am selling a barely worn pair in the classifieds for 27 dollars.

Perfect starter jeans and good jeans for people who are into denim
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Again, Got a pair of the Unbranded Skinnys in a 32. Barely worn, for $35 bucks.
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Alright I bought two pairs of these because I wasn't sure how they would fit. I'm 5'11 with a build between athletic and muscular @ 164 lbs. I do lots of squats, deads, and things of that nature so naturally skinnies weren't an option with my 22" thighs and above average size calves. I bought the slim fit selvedge and the tapered selvedge with the intent to return whichever pair I didn't like.


The slim fits were very tight around the waist but mostly loose everywhere else. I had a hard time buttoning them up. I was not a fan of how loose they are around the ankles however. These fit almost identical to my Levi 514s.


The tapereds were just enough looser around the waist that I didnt have to suck in and make an actual effort to get them buttoned up. They fit slightly slimmer through the seat and thighs (my balls are uncomfortable right now but I suspect that will fix itself as the jeans loosen up). They hug my calves with just enough slack to be comfortable and are not loose around the ankles.


Verdict: I like the tapered fit much better.


Sorry, I don't have pics. The iPhone 3G camera quality isn't worth even trying.


Hopefully this helps another athlete-type that's interested in buying these jeans.

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