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Just picked up a pair of the tapered fit sz 32 for 9.99 at the Santa Monica urban. Worth a look for anyone in the area looking to check these out
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Just wanted to share some 1mo (eeryday) pics of a pair of slim straight 32s. (went pretty much tts; very snug at first but hasnt stretched too much so comfortably (two fingers) snug now)
first some decent front/back pics

nice honeycombing going on

and the crotch...

higher res:

not as much going on around the upper thighs as I would like, but looks good overall. (i think, hahaha) Denim isnt hairy at all, indigo comes off pretty easily, and doesnt seem to stretch too much. Did an initial cold soak and they havent touched water since. Had to do a few repairs on the inseams Overall the fit is pretty decent, I would just love if they were a tad longer. looks good with boots hahaha. Cant have everything for 20 bucks I guess...
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The honeycombs and creases are looking good
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Originally Posted by C-Note View Post
The honeycombs and creases are looking good

they look exactly the same as mine on my broken twill slimguys
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could do w/o so much thigh flare. Mine is pretty bad
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I think it's a little exaggerated by the hanger, but it's definitely one of the things I would change if I could. Thinking about picking up some skull 5010xx next, as the extra thigh room is resulting in a little bit of "diaper butt" and looks all around sloppy. Was thinking about maybe getting them taken to a tailor to get the makeshift inseam repairs turned into professional ones and getting the thigh slimmed a little bit. Worth it for a cheaper pair of jeans? I would probably do it if the length was perfect, but alas, they seem a little short which combined with the thigh problems really just turn this into a beater/interim pair that I hopefully wring some good results out of.
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Bought a pair back in September and managed to get some decent combs going, but today the button popped. Debating throwing a no-sew dungaree button on, but should probably just grab a pair of EP's or something instead.
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Originally Posted by airportlobby View Post
They look fine. Probably a more readily alternative to Uniqlo and w/o the sizing grief of APC. No reason to get snobbish. They will probably fit some people better, as well.

Someone here getting snobbish??? Noooo...I don't believe you.
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Picked up 3 pairs of the slim straights for $10 today... check your local urban!

I wish I could've got another pair of tapered or skinny instead but they only had straight... at least they were all in my size.
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washing mine tonight after 5 months of wear, i'll post pics in the next few days.
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i picked up the Straights and the Tapereds the other day for $10 each. Bought them in sz 32 (probably a size small) and they're a little bit of a chore to get on and off but they look awesome. i love the cuts. i generally wear a thin pair of longjohns when i'm breaking in stiff denim like these so i'll probably have some extra room once the soften up. personally, i really like the denim. it's stiff and attractive. the shiney copper hardware looks great. interested to see how it fades. my previous selvedge experience is limited to a pair of 501s and a pair of RRL rigids. I'm pretty stoked to add two fresh pairs to the roatation. especially for the price.
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who has fadded pics of the black tapered? and where are you guys finding these insane $10 deals? canadian who wants to proxy me a pair or two of size 34 tapered?
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If anyone finding the $10 deals is willing to proxy sz 31 indigo tapered, let me know how much you want and I'll PayPal right away... easy way for you to make a few bucks.
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looking for tapered 34 in indigo if someone happens to find one. LMK!
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They had 50% off all sale items going, and I was lucky enough to find a store that had a few pairs on sale. Two pairs were marked $20 and one pair was marked $40, but I got them all taken down to the $20 price and then the half off from there. I was lucky enough to find an urban with them in my size. Honestly I'd really rather have another tapered pair or a skinny pair instead of one of these straight pairs, but for $10 selvedge I'll take whatever I can get
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