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Ben, youre a denim machine lol.  


I swear half this thread is your wicked fades - can't wait to see what you do to the UB21's!


(PS what chukkas are those? and nice Jag!)

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Originally Posted by bakasam View Post

Anyone know if the Unbranded chinos stretch? I'm a 31 waist and I purchased a size 30 UB207 since the site measuremeants show to size down 1. When the chinos came it was too tight and it measured as a 28 :puzzled:



They will a little bit in the waist... maybe like half a size.... but it will probably shrink right back every time you wash them and always be a pain.  They certainly won't stretch like a denim would.  I would contact who you purchased them from, or UB themselves and explain the sizing issue and get it exchanged for something that fits.  

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this is my ub221

8 months. 7 washes




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Hello !


I want to buy a pair of Unbranded Skinny, but I have a question about the sizing :

My only pair of raw selvedge denim is APC Petit Standard which I size down 2 from my original waist size. ( Take a 28 ) 

Which size do think I have to take ? My normal size which is 30 or sizedown ? 


When I go to the measurement on the website I can read that the 28 is now a 27 so have to sizedown 1 first but after ..?

Thanks ! 

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Apparently they aree changing their sizing again, so just wait

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I have never owned any heavyweight denim until trying the Unbranded 21 oz. I recently picked up a pair of the UB121 Skinny Fit in size 34. Everything fit good, except I could have gone 1" or so less in the waist. I figured I'd try a pair of the UB221 Tapered fit in a size 32. They definitely felt more than 1" less in the waist, so I measured both.

After wearing the UB121 for 14 days, the waist measures 34.5". I gave the jeans a cold water wash when I first got them before wearing them. I didn't measure the jeans after the first day of wearing them.

The UB221 measure 32.5" in the waist after 1 day of wear. I also gave them a cold water wash before wearing.

My question is, will these UB221 stretch out much in the waist after a few more days of wear? I can button all of the buttons, but If the waist was a little looser it would be a better fit.

Some posters seem to say the jeans shrink, and some say they stretch 1".

Andy B.
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Just a heads up about sizing if you're deciding to purchase from Urban Outfitters.

Currently, the stock that they have for their UB101 is true to fit which means that the measurement across the actual waist band of the jeans measures 28 inches if it's size 28..

On the unbranded website, they state that they've updated their own stock so that the sizing is vanity, but Urban Outfitters currently still has their old sizing in stock.

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Originally Posted by ben2t View Post

UB1 nNot wearing this as much as i used to but definitely one my best jeans ever!





sick fades ben. was that at pete's blue chip? love that place, been around for years.

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Any advice on what to do if not planning to cuff them? Get them hemmed to normal length or will they shrink/stretch as you break them in?

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@retro, yup Pete's at colorado blvd, i love the burger and thanks for the compliment.
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maybe a year and a half of wear, several washes, crotch has given out, I've put em away till i can get them patched properly

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Damn my pair of UB207 chinos in size 30 were too tight. Replaced it with a 32 because there were no more 31s and now its too baggy :( Anyone want to take it off me?  

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UB221, around 2 weeks of wear, what a fast fader, i think they put fake indigo with this one. I like the cut and fit.

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I just bought the skinnys and the tapered fit of these jeans. It turns out these have a super tiny butt and crotch area. As someone with giant thighs and butt, would the straight fit offer more room in the butt and thighs than the tapered fit? Thanks for any replies!
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Is there a diffrence in the inseam lenght between the UB301 and UB321?, I found the UB301 to have a nice inseam lenght for me, and I dont have to do any custom hemmimg
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