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Originally Posted by Andrew Kinder View Post

I can get the top button closed, but you're right that I wasn't able to on the first try. Returning isn't possible because I got them on eBay for about $20 cheaper than UB's website, and the seller doesn't accept returns. How easy is it to resell UB jeans?

It doesn't make much sense to me why everyone says to size down one, but it not be true? I'm tempted to just keep wearing them until they're comfortable, but I also don't wanna wear them in and then not be able to sell them if I really do need 31's.

The waist will stretch. Just wear them. Only one that you shouldn't size down on is the skinny fit. The pockets will also stretch (mine did anyways) but I just got to a point where I can use them comfortably and I've worn them since January, but not a lot because I can't wear them to work.
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ok quick question, In the n&f e2's i went tts 32
now the unbranded 121's the tagged 32's are actually 33.5
should i still go tts on these?
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Originally Posted by kushburner View Post

Can we expect Unbranded to go on sale in the next few months? Also I wear a 29-30 in N&F WG... should I get a 30 in Unbranded?


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Originally Posted by kushburner View Post


They are dirt cheap allready.
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another quick little review on the skinny 21oz's.
They definitly dont feel like 21 oz going from my e2's. Im a 32 in the e2's and i tried these on and was a 31. They have more room in the crotch than the e2's skinny guy fit, other than that they're pretty much the same. They have a chainstitched hem, pockets, and some weird inside pocket denim thing too which the e2's didnt. I will say i like these a lot better than the 14.5 oz ones. Hopefully these will hold me over until i get a nice pair of 3siteens or even better
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UB101 after 6 months wear


0 Wash 1 Soak



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so im thinking of picking up a pair, but will probably buy online. ive read everything from size up to true to size.

probably going with the tapered cut unless i can be convinced otherwise. im a bigger guy and not looking for something super slim.

thoughts? advice?
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does the denim stretch more with the new fit/build? i'm kind of concerned because i want to pull the trigger on a pair of skinnies in a 29 but my thighs are just a little bigger than normal. my tapered pair (the old build) didn't stretch much which is why i was concerned

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Originally Posted by ben2t View Post

Here we go with my fav pair at Washington State!


Hello Ben, may i ask what size you got in your UB201 and what your real waist size is?

I like your fit very much but i am concerned that the fit is too tight for my thighs. I have some APC new standards in 32 and 3sixteen SL100x in size 34 and they are both too wide in the calve-areas and the leg openings are too big for my taste, so i look after an slightly but not too much tapered-fit. Your UB201 looks like the perfekt balance for me :) best regards and thank you in advance....

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no fashion!

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Don't know if anyone knows about the unbranded Instagram but they posted about a collab with pronto for denim carnival. I did a little research and they are brown weft 18oz selvage. Anyone know anything about them?

Edit: they also apparently have a denim jacket? Never seen anything about that except on their IG. any info would be appreciated
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Hey guys, just a quick fit question.  I've got a pair of the WG Dirty Fade's in a 29, and I'm looking at potentially picking up a pair of the Unbranded Tapers http://blueowl.us/product/unbranded-tapered-leg-145oz-selvedge-in-indigo-model-ub201/# in a 32.  I wanted to go up a little bit in sizing because while the 29s fit, they're a bit snug throughout, primarily in the thighs.  My TTS is around 32.5", so since the WGs fit a bit snug, I figured I'd try slightly larger with a belt.  This pair of jeans would be primarily for things like climbing/cycling/etc, so a bit more roominess is necessary.  But I worry that the waist would end up being too big in the end even with a belt?


My primary question is - what is the stretching on the Unbranded denim like? Is it similar to the regular N&F, or more/less?  Is the general fit similar to the regular N&F line?

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My UB201


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So upset with UB.

I thought for sure they would work.


I sized down and bought the skinnys in 29. They were super tight but I could button them. Wore them nonstop for a week and they didn't stretch at all. My crotch was in pain since day one....no idea how anyone wears these sizing down.


Returned and got them in 30...so big I was swimming in them. The leg and leg opening was over an inch bigger...just sizing up 1.  I don't get it.

Jealous of you guys who can pull these off. 

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Anyone know who is carrying the black selvedge chinos??
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