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Originally Posted by Бабник View Post
where i can get this Belt?

80's faux punk specialty shop?

When you go, get a Billy Idol bracelet

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idfnl thanx
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Originally Posted by runen View Post
Hi. I think this may be the boots you are referring too



hello can u please tell me the name because it does not show image. pleaz
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Maybe anyone knows the name of this jacket that he wears http://famewatcher.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/ashton-leather-bomber.jpg it's a bomber model of jacket, but what's the name? I like it so much, but can't find anywhere

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you can get the suspenders at urban outfitters

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Originally Posted by Mishaylay View Post


I was wondering if anybody knew where I could find the necklace that Ashton wears throughout the movie "Spread".

Men's necklace's are hard to find to any guidance towards some awesome necklace's would be much appreciated.



Did we have some news on this???  uhoh.gif

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Yo check this out this seems to be the closest to the boots Ashton kutcher wears in the movie spread.

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Thanks for digging this up. I'm not sure what's weirder - someone creating a series of sock puppets for a failed attempt at trolling, or the possibility that these 1 post members are real people that joined the forum because they actually wanted to dress like Ashton Kutcher. Best of luck selling those ugly boots.
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does anyone know... WHITE TSHIRT TRIANGLE REGGIE,,,, BLUE & PINK SWEATER,,, I'm investigating one week.. Help me please.

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help me please everybody. ://

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Hi all. Does anyone know what kind of turquoise sweater he wore?

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I loved the sweaters too ^^


Some people say that they're Hermes cashmere sweaters.


I'm looking for this one or someone wich is looking like.


Does anybody know where I could find some sweaters with deep V-neck like this photo ? I think that Lyle and Scott has made it for a fiew years but no more :/


Thank you guys.

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