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When to dryclean?

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Everyone seems to agree on two points: 1. Dry cleaning is hard on clothes and should be kept to a minimum. 2. Before we put away flannel suits and wool topcoats, they should be drycleaned to prevent stains from setting (and giving the moths an added incentive. This winter, I wore several suits just once or twice. I didn't sweat or spill any more than usual in them and there are no visible stains on them. Spring is around the corner, and they won't be worn again until October. In the interim, they will stay in my closet in suitbags which are plastic on one side and cloth on the other. I stuff that is supposed to keep the bugs away hanging from the closet bar. Should I dryclean a suit I wore once before storing it? Bic
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Suits really ought to be drycleaned every third or fourth wearing, no more. (Unless, of course, they are stained or soiled.) Before you store them, just give them a gentle brush-down.
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Thanks for the advice, Cristobal Actually, I clean my suits much less often than every third or fourth wearing. Some suits I wear once a week and that would mean cleaing the suit each month. My dilemma is whether the risk of storing a non-cleaned (but once worn) suit for 8 months outweighed the damage that cleaing could do to the suit. Bic
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I wouldn't worry about a suit you've worn once, then stored. It should be fine when you break it out again. I suppose I have suits cleaned more than you because my boss smokes like a chimney, and when I'm working in her office, I come out smelling like I've been on a pub crawl.
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A very wise clothier once taught me to dry clean wool suits as little as possible. Always use a good clothes brush after every wearing. Also, hang up the suit on a good, wooden hanger. If possible, let it "air" out before hanging in the closet.
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I know that most in here already do this, or know about it, but when undressing at the end of a day, all clothes that are not going to the laundry (i.e. - suit, pants, shoes) should be allowed to air out - outside the closet, overnight. The body emits a large amount of moisture throughout the day and when a pair of pants, jacket or shoes is put away immediately in a closet - sandwiched next to other clothes, the moisture is not allowed the chance to escape. (Cedar shoe trees are excellent for absorbing moisture.) Doing this should cut down on the amount of dry cleaning one might need.
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This is IMO right and furthermore, I belive the same applies to clothes and shoes alike: When one takes them off one should hang them up immediately and let them dry and cool down on hangers. If you throw them away on a chair and hang them up an hour later then all the wrinkles will have set in as they have cooled and the moisture evaporated. In the same spirit I, perhaps one could almost get away with owning only one pair of shoe trees and always use them for the shoes one is taking off. B
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