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Originally Posted by tonio028 View Post
See this this thread to complete the thread title.


"Don't post more"

^ love that.

This thread is becoming epic.
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Don't know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but sunglasses on top of my head. Four guys I work with do this and it annoys the hell out of me. One of them even puts them on the back of his neck sometimes. I have to resist the pressing urge to grab them off his neck and stomp on them.
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I don't get cotton sweaters.
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strap / cord for sunglasses
cell phone holsters
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Things that I like on most people, but would just never work for me due to my facial shape/style/build:

-aviator glasses
-leather jackets
-skinny jeans (actually I hate this on most people, it looks fucking terrible, but it's somehow trendy)
-tank tops
-any sort of open toe shoe outside of a beach or home
-bluetooth headset while just casually walking around
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Originally Posted by Arms_Akimbo View Post
I don't get cotton sweaters.

So f'ing true. Macy's was flooded with cotton sweaters on deep discount last week. I hate 'em. Wool is just as adaptable, with none of the pain-in-the-ass qualities.

Originally Posted by 8bpc View Post
strap / cord for sunglasses
cell phone holsters

I know...both are sensible, yet I refuse. There's a better way, unless you're a cop or a sailor.
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(I don't see why this thread shouldn't be revived. After all, there have been a lot of new users to this forum.)


Things I can appreciate on other people:

- jeans

- trousers with double pleats

- tennis shirts (polo shirts)

- short-sleeved shirts

- "butterfly" or "thistle" bow ties

- jewellery

- fedoras

- blouson jackets with knit waistbands

- Chelsea boots (the elastic bothers me)


Things I really don't like:

- flared or bootcut trousers

- boat shoes

- trousers with more than double pleats

- footwear with punched brogue patterns

- tassel loafers

- aviator sunglasses

- anything embroidered with non-abstract motives (for example "critter pants")

- chunky basketball shoes

- epaulets

- Fair Isle and similar knit patterns

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Interesting thread. I never knew that Ed Hardy (tattoo guy, not Christian Audiger brand) designed the Skull jeans leather patch logo. Brainsplode.

I'm curious to hear whether peoples lists have changed from '09, either coming around on something they previously eschewed or getting fed up with something that's overdone. When I joined I never thought I'd wear goofy white hi-tops or anything droop-crotch, but I <3 my CP Bballs and UU cropped sweats (which are admittedly pretty entry-level as far as drop-crotch is concerned).

I can appreciate some of these on other people, and there may be very specific circumstances under which I'd make an exception, but here goes:

- split-toe shoes
- half/quarter-zip sweaters (more of an MC thing)
- Red Wings (because they're evil)
- chisel toed shoes
- Yuketens
- anything with passants/epaulets
- camo
- Birkenstocks (except around the house, where I wear them instead of slippers, and to the beach)
- Red Moon wallets and wallet chains (not sure these still exist outside the microcosm of superdenim)
- bow ties (maybe with a tux)
- fedoras, trilbies, or most hats for another 30 years or until I go grey (fingers crossed that the latter happens sooner rather than later)
- Passarella Death Squad tees with naked ladies and/or BS about Velvet Underground concerts and whatnot
- varsity jackets
- tasseled loafers
- wedge soles/creepers
- Jil flower/face shirts
- sneaker/shoe hybrids, like sneakers with broguing
- most if not all pre-distressed denim
- turtlenecks (I just feel like I'm being choked when I wear one)

There are probably a bunch more, and I'm omitting stuff that's obviously terrible like square-toed shoes and crew necks under button-front shirts and v-neck sweaters.
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After reading the whole thread, I have to add a few things:


Things I can appreciate on other people:

- chisel-toed shoes/boots

- tattoos


Things I really don't like:

- cowboy boots

- creepers

- pre-distressed denim

- drop-crotch trousers


Utilitarian clothes are excluded from this list. Therefore, I am seriously considering my position on tennis shirts as the collar provides extra functionality compared to a t-shirt.

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-Baller sneakers of the kanye / bieber variety. Fuck that noise.

-Denim of any shade lighter than medium blue. Might make an exception for a sweet pair of off-white Mr. Freedom dungarees.

-Anything that's obviously pre-distressed. I'm enough of a dirtbag that I don't need some lady in a factory sandpapering my trousers.


-colorful chinos


-knit ties... Want to like these, but the knots end up too big.

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I haven't figured out if this guy is a troll or not yet.
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