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I just received Hermes' Bel-ami and, I must say it is one of the most distinctive scents I've ever smelled. I'm not sure that I like it yet (I think it needs to grow on me), but it is certainly distinctive. If you like a woody, sharp scent that nevertheless smells very classy, give it a try.

As for me, I'm just trying to get past the fact that the heavy sandalwood note reminds me too much of the interior of a Japanese temple.

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If you guys are interested I found a forum specifically on colognes:

looks like they get into all the specifics as well as custome boutique stuff, which could be quite nice.
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Hugh Parsons -- no clue who this guy is but this is a nice scent and my gf loves it. Warmer, more of a fall/winter scent imo.

I have always wondered who the hell he is/who makes this cologne as well. It is very nice indeed.


Penhaligon's Endymion
(If you e-mail Penhaligon's they will send you lovely samples)
RL Purple Label
RL Black

All very nice scents in my humble opinion.....
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I own:
Burberry Brit
Burberry Weekend
Bvlgari Blv
Bvlgari Aqva
Lacoste Essential

I really want to get my hands on some Penhaligon's and Truefitt & Hill EDT's, but I haven't got the money right now.
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Never had a negative from any girls (or any guys for that matter) from the following I wear:

Chanel Allure
Versace Dreamer
D&G By
Givenchy Xeryus Rouge (my all time fave)
Givenchy Pi
JPG Le Male
Gucci Envy

Look up basenotes for reviews.
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Big fan of:

Dunhill Desire Blue and Red - prefer the red, but both are nice
Creed Tabarome
Hugo by Hugo Boss

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For some reason just about anything Bulgari smells great on me, my favorites are Aqua and Black. I also have Bond no 9 Riverside Drive that smells great and very unique.

I need to try Creed and more Bonds... Oh ya and ebay is a great place to get testers for cheap.
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I highly recommend the trading forum on at basenotes. Decants give you the chance to test drive a scent before commiting to it, and you often get more than the tiny testers that stores provide.
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i got vera wang and l'eau d'issey for everyday stuff, and issey bleue for more nighttime spicy occasions. all nice but i would love to try something a bit more adventurous.
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Originally Posted by chrysalid
i got vera wang and l'eau d'issey for everyday stuff, and issey bleue for more nighttime spicy occasions. all nice but i would love to try something a bit more adventurous.

issey stuff is a favourite of mine, despite its popularity. Currently going through Dior Homme fragrance.
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Emporio Armani - Night <- All I ever really use nowadays. Boss - In Motion Ltd. Ed. <- I liked the smell, so I got it
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Damn it...NM.
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Originally Posted by javyn View Post
I tried a sample of Floris Santal shaving cream, and have to say, this is the best scent I think I have ever smelled!

When the time comes for me to re-stock my cologne and shaving supplies, I think I am going to get the whole Floris Santal line.

edit: Just checked the prices...I'll have to wait until I win the lottery to get me some Floris!

It's worth it to go for the more expensive Santal cologne, what is called "Extreme" or something in the US stores, but is an eau de parfume. A bottle of it lasts a whole hell of a long time, mine being about two years old, and just now is nearing empty.

The aftershave and shave cream last a pretty good while as well, depending on how judicious you are with their usage. A little can go a long way with those.

I'll also have to agree, Floris Santal is my #1 winter/fall cologne. It's warm and spicy, while still being a little light and tropical. Floris Elite is pretty good too, a little lighter and sweeter.

YSL M7 is excellent, but apparently now incredibly hard to find. It's a very heavy scent, and some people dislike that.

Truefitt & Hill Trafalgar is my #1 summer/spring cologne. Incredibly tropical and light, with just a hint of spicyness to make things interesting.
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