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Eau De Toilette

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Hey fellas, first of all, be easy on me, i'm new here

Basically, I currently have the following eau de toilette's:

212 for Men
Davidoff Coolwater
Davidoff Echo
Issey Miyake L'Eau D'issey
Jean Paul Gaultier
La Coste Green
Paul Smith
Paul Smith Extreme

when i've used some of these, I feel like trying something different, the ones I currently use are fairly common. I was just wondering if anyone can recommend anything

I'm looking mainly for an exotic fragrance
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I really enjoy Chanel's Egoiste Plantinum.
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John Varvatos
Creed: various ones, these can be layered
Jo Malone: if you want subtle natural essences, this stuff is great.
Gucci: cubed bottle, exotic, dry sandalwood aroma
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Thanks, i'll check out reviews on those products.

Also, does anyone have experiences with Paco Rabanne?
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Luis, go test them personally if possible.
Good luck.
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Ok, hope they're available here in the UK!

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Burberry Touch -- it is my favorite, but I feel it's a bit formal. At least I tend to wear it on more formal occassions.
Gendarme -- lovely very light spring/summer scent
Terry Mugler -- I'm not sure if it's just called Terry Mugler or M or what, but it's nice. Year-round scent.
Hugh Parsons -- no clue who this guy is but this is a nice scent and my gf loves it. Warmer, more of a fall/winter scent imo.

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I have both Jean-Paul Gaultier's Le Mâle and Armani Black Code. Both have received high praises from girls, but then again, girls tends to like some painfully ugly things so that might not be the best referral.

None of these are very exotic though.

Anyone tried Dior Homme or Comme des garçons?
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I happen to think Geoffrey Beene's Grey Flannel is nice although not very exotic.

However, if you like unusual scents I can suggest some.
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If you want something exotic or distinctive, I would recommend Costume National's Scent Intense. It is really interesting... not something you could wear everyday/anytime, but quite nice.

Also, the new Dior Homme fragrance is interesting as well (not the limited distribution one, but the new regular fragrance). It is more mainstream than the Costume National, but it is still quite nice.

For an evening scent, YSL Rive Gauche Pour Homme is nice.

For a more mildly exotic fragrance (whatever that means ) Vera Wang Man is good as well.

But, as others have suggested, you really need to smell them and try them on yourself. It is amazing the way a fragrance will smell good (or bad) in a bottle but will change drastically when it reacts with your skin.

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Definitely Roger & Gallet's L'Homme. My girl friend loves it!
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How long does an eau de toilette tend to last? I've had a Dior Higher one I rarely use sitting in its box for well over a year. Does the scent go funny over a period of time?

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I have about 18 scents, but my personal favorites are Creed Irish Tweed and Gucci Envy. Very James-Bond, gentlemanly EDTs.
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I use Bulgari's Green Tea eau de cologne every morning. I don't think it's too closely related to the actual smell of green tea, but it is very refreshing in the morning. It doesn't linger either, which is kind of how I like it. It's also a unisex fragrance, but I'm not sure I know of any women who would use it.
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I tried a sample of Floris Santal shaving cream, and have to say, this is the best scent I think I have ever smelled! When the time comes for me to re-stock my cologne and shaving supplies, I think I am going to get the whole Floris Santal line. edit: Just checked the prices...I'll have to wait until I win the lottery to get me some Floris!
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