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Hof threads

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There are now six...Anyone think that's too many, or nominate any for addition or removal?
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Like all Halls of Fame, I think that the Hall of Fame posts should be reserved for the very best -- either posts that have a timeless and widespread appeal (like "What are you wearing?") or posts that set forth specialized knowledge of interest to members (like "How to measure for eBay").  In my opinion, the policy on posting (fairly self-explanatory) and the new radio show (important info, just not HOF material) should not have HOF status.  I'm probably going to get a lot of flak for this, but I think the suits thread started by the sadly departed ClassyFreddy was fairly informative when it stayed on topic and should be considered for HOF status.
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I think there should be a new section just for the archived threads. Making things less cumbersome the Current Events section should be rolled up in the General section, while Social Life, Food, Drink should merge with the Entertainment and Culture section. There isn't enough action in these sections to warrant them relevant alone.
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i agree with the first two replies. the classy freddy thread had some good information, but i don't know about hof status. i like the 'reveal thyself' and the 'how to measure', though i doubt many ebay sellers measure properly anyway. also i think we should just have 2 forums, one for clothing, and one for everything else. there just isn't enough traffic outside of clothing to warrant having all those categories.
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