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Henri needs to learn to shoot with his left foot. Jeez.

BTW, Portugal is the #1 diving team. Followed by a close tie between Italy and Brazil. France is somewhere in the middle of the pack.

Ref doesn't call a clear penalty in the box b/c he is out of position. This game is being poorly officiated.
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Looks like Thierry Average is bottling it on the big stage again!
You are right Tokyo maybe I do have an axe to grind.
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French are owning Italy right now.

Haven't heard Totti's name called all game. Is he playing?

LOL--just subbed his useless ass out.
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this time there was a penalty on florent... !luc
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Goddamn this thing is going into overtime, and then penalty kicks. Yawn.
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this ref is bad. a clear foul on zidane from canavaro. !luc
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del piero is in.
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We should throw Trezeguet in for the overtime. The italians are exhausted. !luc
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So the US is still the only team to put enough pressure on Italy to get the ball in the net without the ref calling a penalty. If Italy wins, does that make the US the second best team in this World Cup?
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damn, that was close. I don't now if I will be able to keep watching this game.
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No Fucking Way
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If this thing goes to PKs you gotta give Italy the advantage with Buffon in net.
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Regardless of the result Cannavaro is my player of the tournament.
Thierry Average has just left the field of play.
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Zidane should be off the f**king clown.
Now he is.Good riddance.
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