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Well Rooney deserves to be banned for that foul--he crushed that guy's balls. But the ref should have called the foul earlier when they were dragging Rooney down.

Rooney has a temper, always has, and it just flared.

I thought England would pull this one out in regular time, but now I'm not sure. Here comes Crouch, let's see what he does.

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C Ronaldo is such a cheat. I want to punch him in the face. And he whines about how he has a reputation as a diver. Ugh. And our commentator O'Brien won't shut-up about what skill he has, yet it's done him no good. bob
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Originally Posted by esquire.
Could somebody explain why the rest of the Latin American countries dislike Argentina. I was reading a article hyping up the game between Germany and Argentina, and it mentioned that. It stated that in 86, in mexico, the mexican crowd was cheering on germany to beat argentina. I would have thought it might be jealousy, like the LA Lakers and NY Yankees hatred seen here in america, but then brazil doesn't seem to suffer the same hate.

they have a reputation for being snobs - deserved or underserved, hard to say. but they were one of the richest countries in the world, when most of latin america was poor and war riddled. they speak a different sounding spanish, and they have a higher percentage of european blood, inlcuding non spanish.

I happen to think that they have the best food in the southern hemosphere, but that is my opinion.
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Gooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllll llllll!!!!!!!!!

The reason they prance around ripping their shirts off is because it happens so rarely...

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England are playing like the lions on their shirts.Portugal overrated,overrated,overrated!!
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It's Hargreaves and Lennon (edit: oops). Unbelievable performances. Let's see Walcott come on now with his young fresh legs and run around everyone. Steve, go bust on football somewhere else. We have a nice thread here. Oh dang it, I thought that was penalty, but it was a good tackle. bob
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I think Crouch is having a magnificent game.
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Penalties!Thats the end of England.
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There have been a lot of poorly hit PKs from many players in many games. Weird. But Becks isn't in so that helps England. All credit to the 'keepers though. Ricardo is coming up huge. bob
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How can a nation be consistently SHIT at penalties.5 tournaments now.
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Looks like its the end. Portugal is going through The stats show a big difference in attacks and possession and shots on goal in Portugal's advantage. P.s. England's team has their collective head up their posterior, like every bloody tournament. 1966 was last century; they have yet to come close to having such a team...
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They usually do when one team has 10 for over an hour!
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Originally Posted by benecios
They usually do when one team has 10 for over an hour!

The difference on attacks is huge though. 9 to 20. That is more than the 10 on 11 factor alone.
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I have got to get behind someone else now.......COME ON ITALY!
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Originally Posted by benecios
I have got to get behind someone else now.......COME ON ITALY!
No shit. I feel like I should start cheering for the teams I hate. All stats aside from this game, I still think England out-played Portugal. How many saves did Robinson have to make? One. Ricardo didn't statistically have to make any more, but England seemed to create more dangerous chances in the box. And England was a man down for so long. And no matter how much the guys on ABC praise him, C. Ronaldo did not play well, he never looked like a danger--he was shut down by England. He is also a whiny diver and needs a punch in the face. I predict he goes to another league after this game. bob
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