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My first pair of boots. biggrin.gif

Ariat Nighthawk
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I discovered this site yesterday (2/26/2014) and have enjoyed the posts & pics regarding "manly footwear." As a life-long wearer of cowboy boots, I hope the thread continues.

If I can learn the process for posting images, I'll offer some examples of the art and craftsmanship of Dave Wheeler (Houston) and Eddie Kimmel (Comanche).
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I'm just getting into cowboy boots and only have a few pair of off the rack boots so far. I just got these yesterday a pair of Justin Bent Rail.

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Hollywood Riff Raff


Hand tooled shaft in Spanish calf


Tan chaps split leather vamp, spade sole, faux mule ear pulls, kangaroo piping and lacing.



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Coming up on July 4th, so my bicentennial boots start to make their appearance.



First up......Tony Lama.





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Anyone know anything about what brand these could be?  How much would you pay for them?  Think they could be worth $50?




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Converse are about 50 bucks and good western boots can last decades so it certainly wouldn’t be a bad decision to get them… Is there any branding at all on them?

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Sanded Nile Crocodile belly in black with snip toe.


Probably made by Stallion or Rios of Mercedez 30-40 years ago for the Billy Martin Western Wear store in NY City.


Butter soft tops made from kangaroo with 14 rows of black and gray stitching.


Recently repatriated.


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Another view of the beautiful crocodile tiles,Classic snip toe and very skillful stitching.



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Well, searching the subject and coming on this thread I felt need to respond fwiw.


Living (and having lived) in Italy for many years now, let me say that cowboy boots are popular here.

Having to soon return to TX (with a shudder and broken heart) as my family are there and I must begin somewhere again..i don't know how it will feel? Like wearing the t-shirt of the band you are going to see at their concert or a Yankees jacket in NY?


They can be kind of "sprezzy" yes...not really my style, the rock n roll, Italian sprezzatura...i am a classical fashion guy.


Anyway, it ALL comes down to (as usual) with these questions and talk  ....TO GOOD TASTE and FINE SENSE OF STYLE.


..which excuse me, I do hate to be rude and would NEVER ruin anyone's fun...the boots and styles within this thread...some made me physically ill. Made me feel the need to defend these boots!!


And not EVER wear them with a f**king suit!!!! Please..


And one needs to be well built..on the thinner side...with long legs preferably I feel.

Some things work for people some don't..they are not for everyone.

As usual, if they stand out or you can't "own it"' ... then you should not be wearing it. Period.


Researching all of this trying to find THE usual...came across of course some Spanish makers... of the well regarded ones stated that some 70% of their business is to women and women's line now.

Not surprised...tall boots/cowboy boots  are perfect for women's figures and dress.


I am into sartorial and artisan stuff of all sorts as most here...and subtle is the name of the game generally with these IMHO....

One can find very fine craftsmanship with these...great materials, older vintage ones with great character can be pointed toes or "grinder" heels for me however..


In the end I thought I was merely after a tall chelsea boot???

...and at some of the prices these seem to go for I would prefer a Tricker's boot!


But strangely, the only thing I ever liked about TX were the boots..I remember my first pair as a kid moving from NY to LUBBOCK of all places, and parents separation...

They can become strangely more sentimental than other fact i am sure I have those snakeskin boots somewhere...they bring back memories. cheesy.


Attached are a couple images for those trying to get an idea of what to do with them.

Think Robert Redford of the 70's etc..

Kind regards




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I kind of want a pair of Justin Ropers, but im not sure how I feel about the squared toe.

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Yes...I rarely say no across the board to things..unless it is just in bad taste to begin, I enjoy trying to make thing work..


But square toe shoes of any sort are, to me, the same as ventless sport or suit coats.


I would never wear it. Ever. A temporary fad from the 90's.


But for some, on a boot like this, an exception could be made... it may work for you. It is funny how these things work.

However unless you have something particular in mind, go  for the round toe. Far more versatile and universal.

Looks like a chelsea boot.



PS: With something like this, why go with Justin? They seem to be crap.

Go Lucchese, Tony Mora, Loblen, Sancho are a few names Ive come can find some real deals these days, and they'll last forever and age well.


If I have learned anything from art and antiques, and even this good thing is worth a dozen crap things.

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Excuse my ignorance on this subject, but cowboy boots look very uncomfortable as something to wear for long periods of time. Isn't wearing what is essentially a riding boot a little uncomfortable as day-long footwear?

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Originally Posted by MisterFu View Post

Excuse my ignorance on this subject, but cowboy boots look very uncomfortable as something to wear for long periods of time. Isn't wearing what is essentially a riding boot a little uncomfortable as day-long footwear?

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