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I think they would be a little too showy for me personally (my only pair of J.B. Hills are the 2k5 shells which are very plain other than the silver conchos on the pulls), but dude those are awesome. Congrats. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

And if I ever do a pair of customs with them I will definitely consider putting those ants (or something similar) on the pulls. Very unique and a nice touch.
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Originally Posted by OCULUS View Post

Anteater boots with ants on the pulls. That is amazing.

Those are a great pair of boots.
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Just found this Sandhills Boot Company's vid on another website and thought it interesting. I gather one needs to go to Etsy to see his work in detail.

NB: I just went to Etsy and cannot find any listing for Sandhills. I'm not very familiar with Etsy, but thought a search would turn him up. Any ideas of what I'm doing wrong?
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Originally Posted by OCULUS View Post

Well, as advertised/warned a couple of posts back, I am busting out of my conservative (eastern) boot style. My first custom-designed J. B. Hill's arrived today, and they are even more spectacular--and fun-- than I had hoped. They are cognac and chocolate, based on their "cattails" triad design, to which I added some whimsey in the pull department. I call them my "picnic boots" and you get to be the first to see them. I'll be curious about your collective reaction.

And no, there ain't no more. These were their last pair of hides.

Nice boots. Definitly a bust out boot. Congrats, I love the look of anteater.
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Vintage suede boot made for Levi's(of blue-jean fame) with a high quality, soft, smooth leather lining.

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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

DSC_0418.jpgWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Spaghetti Westerns!

I had a pair of Italian cowboys once and put them on ePrey almost immediately. They were just not comfortable for my E-width (their usual narrow last cut, I suspect), and like these, the tapered shape of the forefoot just looks fancy/odd to me.

Great looking calf and craftsmanship though. Were they purchased here or in Italy? I know of a couple of high-end western stores in Switzerland and France--but they all sell high-end American boots (Stallion, J. B. Hill, etc.)
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Lugged soles on cowboy boots are being pushed more heavily this year by Back at the Ranch, Santa Fe. I just can't get used to them, and of course, question their utility (suede stains so badly with salt and of course, they are not lined).

I find other shoes and boots to wear once we get serious snow and ice here, so I can appreciate the concept, but really think they look strange.

Anyone have any thoughts on these?
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^^^ Lugs on cowboy boots? Yuck.
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Originally Posted by Swan Song View Post

Vintage suede boot made for Levi's(of blue-jean fame) with a high quality, soft, smooth leather lining.

How do those fit? I've been looking at this brand and those boots for some time but was curious about the quality and fit. Any issues?
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Speaking of Italian Cowboys above, I finally got to wear and break in a pair of well-made Spanish riding/cowboy boots yesterday. I got them last spring from Yoox at a seriously reduced price (I had first ordered them at a minor $ reduction and decided they weren't worth the $$; but later when the bottom fell out, I reordered them, unreturnable, for about $85). Really like the rich darker brown finish...and rubber sole inset permits use on my motorcycle.

They are comfortable and well made, though they grab me in different spots than American boots (I like their narrower heel, but forefoot is going to take some break-in for full width comfort). The brand is (Calzados) Alvarez, and I include the label. Note placement of pulls to the rear; kinda like that effect, but they are roomy enough across my high instep that I don't have to Y&S--yank and stomp. Anyone ever run across them??

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Ray Jones, burnt orange/brown Kangaroo vamps and uppers.  I love these boots.





Toe bugs



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Pablo Jass - shark skin vamps and calf skin tops.  These boots feel indestructible.  And yes, they fit great.



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Those are both money.
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Thanks Hannerhan.  These pics of my second pair of Ray Jones boots - cognac/brown calf skin with small box toe and five rows of top stitching. 


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