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i really like those. The toe shape is particularly nice
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Thanks Swan Song, you answered them all (I think, which means you probably did). smile.gif
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Originally Posted by Swan Song View Post

These Justin's actually feel and have the heft of the finest(re:Lucchese) full grain calf on the upper. Intricate stitch pattern, too.
Post some pictures of your gators

I love that stitch pattern.

Not too big a fan of the toe though. Being short and all, anything but pointed toes make me look like a midget or a clown.
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M.L. Leddy custom boot (just not originally for me), but unworn and perfectly mint, until today smile.gif

Navy calf

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Lucchese Black Calf, brand new, hitting the ground for the first time today.

(Yes, I'm trying to be as much like Swan Song as possible.)

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Speaking from experience....the world only needs one of me.

Like the boots....Weddings, funerals and jury trial boots. Hope you are the lawyer not the
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Originally Posted by Xenos View Post

Lucchese Black Calf, brand new, hitting the ground for the first time today.
(Yes, I'm trying to be as much like Swan Song as possible.)

Is that the R Toe?
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Think they said it was a J-toe.

Edit: The model is T3094.R4. Maybe the "R" signifies an R-toe?
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Yup, R toe 4 Heel.

I'm tempted to buy a few pairs online but I heard that Kangaroo leather (which is the pair I want) is banned in a few states... Goddamn it.

I can't even have it shipped to a sibling overseas or to a vacation home outside of the US because of the ridiculous import/export fee.
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Originally Posted by GamaH View Post

In your opinion, what is the best leather for cowboy boots? Goatskin? Buffalo? Calfskin? Also, are scratches considered something that gives your boots character, or should they be treated like any other pair of shoes, in that you do your best to get rid of scuffs and scratches?
I've gone through this thread several times but this is the first time I've seen this picture (or recall seeing it) and holy... those are absolutely gorgeous. How much did they cost?

Found my invoice and they were $140 plus tax, $400 with 65% off.

And these are my other Chocolate Suede.....Custom made(but not for me) by Pascal of Hollywood Riff Raff....cost a bit more. Bought them from Pascal, new, the guy never came to pick them up.

Chocolate,white, green, and stitching at toe, plus red and green on the collar.


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Signature sole design Of Pascal

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Pretty sick sole design. Shame that it'll just be eroded over time though. =/

By the way, how much toe space do y'all have in your boots (that fit well) in the toe-box? Just approximates (e.g.; 1cm, 2cm) will do, I'm not actually asking for the exact space measurement (I'm not sure how that would even be measured).

I'm assuming that this will vary depending on how pointy the toe is. Also, for those of you who do own both standard (semi-round) and pointy toe boot styles, did you size up for the pointy toe models?
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I would just get your size, I have toes up and down the scale, and if I get my size, all is good. I've never sized up. But I haven't any bunions, ect with which to take extra precautions, either.

Now, if I see a pair that are killer, and they are a 1/2 size small, they better have the rounded toe if I plan to wear, not display them.

And I am still fighting the urge to wear Pascal's boot other than on carpet.
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Apparently I'm a C width. There's quite a bit of space in the instep for the standard width. Oh well.
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Or you're one length size to long

Snugness across the instep and snugness of the shaft at the lower leg(tongue area of the boot) keeps the heel from slipping too much till they are broken in. After breaking in, it's the snugness across the top of the foot that holds the foot in place. Gotta get that right. It should still slip a "bit" after break-in.

The higher quality the boot the better. Vintage Tony Lama, Nocona and one or two Justin's are the factory boots in my closet. Dan Post is a step down, and the cliff is steep after them. They may look like a cowboy boot, but that's about all.

Vintage Lucchese Boots are heads and shoulders above the other factory boots I mentioned(PRE 1990). They made one line of stock boot, additionally, one could get a custom. All Lucchese boots of that era were designed to have a slight twist as the foot slid into the vamp. It was patented. Also, a main reason the boot fit so well.

PM if you have questions.
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