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A vintage Alligator (mid to late 1960s, I would guess) boot aged to a nice golden patina.

Probably made in Mexico.
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Originally Posted by GamaH View Post
I have a question for everyone here; I've been searching for an answer for months (on and off, of course) to no avail, really.

1) What is the absolutely-bet-your-life-on-it-correct cm/inches-to-size chart? I have seen some VERY weird formulas for shoe sizing over the years.

2) How true to size do Lucchese classics fit?

Now, I can't just subtract 1/2 sizes or whatnot from my normal shoe size, because honestly I do not know my actual shoe size. I wear mostly 7.5s, but they're laced and if they were loafers, they'd come right off. I have a pair of size 5 Dolce&Gabbana lace-ups, and they fit basically the same as my 7.5Patent lace-ups and Bucks from Brooks Brothers. This is the reason I asked for a definitive size-chart.

Now, if some of you are wondering what the hell a Finn thinks he's doing by wearing cowboy boots. Well, I was *born* in Texas (not raised there though), so... yeah I'm not actually Finnish.

Anyway, I would try them on before buying but there are absolutely no cowboy boots being sold where I'm currently residing, nor in any of the countries I'll be residing in, in the near future, so online is my only hope.

Good luck, you'll need it.

1) Doesn't exist. I wouldn't ever bet my life on something like that.
2) Luchesse Classics fit differently depending on the last shape, typically indicated by the toe type.

My best suggestion is to visit Austin or some other Texan town (or best yet, El Paso where the Luchesse factory and factory store is) and try them on. It's also hard to get a feeling for what the exotic leathers look like online. For example, goatskin looks very nice and shiny online but when you see it in real life- it might be too shiny for your every day life. However, it looks like that isn't an option from your message. As a substitution, try talking to Allen Boots or hell, Zappos might have them and they generally will accept returns. I'd start with 7.5D and see where you went from there.

Luchesse Classics are really, really great boots. It's odd for me to look back at my post back in 2007 before I graduated from college and when I only had one pair of shitty boots- as a professional, I now have 3 pairs including one pair of Luchesses. Additionally, I did a 7 month stint in Boston and continued to wear them regardless- I will say that they did get some positive attention and a story to tell about being from Texas. Now, I'm not one to wear something just because I think girls will like it but I'll admit that it was a great conversation starter.
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It's funny because 30 years ago I was making boots with a nearly identical chisel toe that is so in vogue with present day European shoes. And now I see on one of the bespoke maker's blogs that some "fashion forward" folks are fooling around with designs for shoes what have the old half box toe that I put on the first pair of boots I made for myself forty years ago. And I fell in love with that toe when I saw it on an old waddie's boots up in Idaho Springs five years before that. PS: goatskin is's simply an older version of kidskin and kid might be the most delicate leather shoe or bootmakers use. When goat is shiny, the probability approaches unity that it is heavily "painted"--finished.
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Lucchese boot when they were still being made in San Antonio. Their classic chisiled (French) toe in calf, mule-ear pulls.

I bought them still in their box a few years ago. Nice, aged Cognac patina.
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New boots for the Calgary Stampede: Single piece of ostrich from South Africa for the vamp, kangaroo for the shaft. Double lined leather, steel shank, made in Calgary. Pricey but worth it.
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Love ostrich, love the color

Enjoy the Roundup.
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Originally Posted by The Man View Post
They look faggy. Are you from Texas? Because only steers and queers come from Texas. Which one are you?
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Custom boot by Ray Jones in Lampases, Tx. He retired in 1977, so made before that.

Happily for me, the original owner's grandson could not wear these, and the grandfather did not wear them many times.

Extremely high grade of French calf, gorgeous stitching, and signature toe bug.
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Thought more would post their here is another of mine

Lucchese( San Antonio era) Hornback Lizard boots circa 1975-80


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Swan, you have some amazing boots. If you're my size, would my mind bequeathing them to me when you kick off?
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Thank you, I plan on being around awhile,
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Lucchese Boot, made in San Antonio circa 1975, in burgundy goat vamp and shaft with black inlaid ostrich.263
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Originally Posted by JGreen View Post

I personally hate cowboy boots no matter how trendy some people try and make them. The only people who have any business wearing them are "Cowboys". Hence the words cowboy boots.

Hmmm, following that logic, who is it that then wears loafers? Or monk straps?


Yes, I wear expensive, stylish, comfortable bespoke cowboy boots with three piece suits. Oh the horror... and the ladies tend to love the look.



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Originally Posted by Nota Bene View Post

Hmmm, following that logic, who is it that then wears loafers? Or monk straps?

Yes, I wear expensive, stylish, comfortable bespoke cowboy boots with three piece suits. Oh the horror... and the ladies tend to love the look.

Regular Matt Houston you are
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Girls fucking love cowboy boots. It needs to be said. Especially in parts of the country where cowboy boots are uncommon, like LA or NY. They're a pain in the ass to remove, though, so they can be a double-edged sword in that respect.

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