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BTW, I have not been following the thread at all and don't know the controversy, but I have found that lately I have run into more crazies than I can imagine selling (and probably buying also) on Ebay.

Unfortunately that marketplace has become the biggest purveyor of counterfeit and misrepresented goods on the planet. And I hate that. Why can't people be honest and civil?? Rhetorical question, no answer necessary.

And hopefully the controversy that caused this thread will get amicably resolved. (unfortunately my recent experience is that Ebay is becoming populated by folks that a normal person doesn't want to interact with)

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I really don't get sellers like that. At the end of the day all they care about is the $. They don't think about the reality that there is a person at the end of the electronic medium. They don't understand that life goes beyond a single sale, that what is tantamount is a happy customer with a full price experience even if the customer is paying a fraction of the normal retail price. That is not to say that the customer is always right etc., etc., but you need to do your absolute best to make the experience as great as possible.

I actually really enjoy hearing stories about other sellers like that. It reminds me that no matter how successful as a seller you are, or how great your product and prices may be, you need to humanize the internet experience.

Berating a customer into a bid he no longer wants is outrageous. Just my opinion.


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