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Shirt help needed! (again)

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Hey all, Recently, I bought a great looking and fitting french-cuffed dress shirt on ebay. The shirt is just as described, except that it is starched to all hell. The shirt is stiff as a board, with the collar, cuffs, and placket being completely unbendable. I have hand-washed it and machine washed it to no avail (using regular detergent). Anyone have any idea how to remove all this starch? Thanks in advance. Eric
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Are you sure it's starch?  In my experience, starch comes out when it's cleaned.  You may have bought a perma-press shirt. Perils of eBay...
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Yup, starch washes out, that's why you have to keep applying it all the time. Is the shirt 100% cotton?
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Thanks for the responses, guys. Yes, the shirt is 100% cotton. What exactly is perma-press? It really feels like starch to me, simply because it's concentrated in certain areas like the collar, cuffs, placket, etc. and the shirt itself is very stiff. BTW, it's a Christian Dior, not sure if they make/made perma-press shirts. Thanks for the help. Eric
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As others have said, starch washes out and must be re-applied with the final rinse in every wash. It seems that your shirt was manufactured with extra stiff and fused interfacings (the material used to add body to the parts required: collar, cuffs and placket). If it does not soften after a single wash and ironing, it will not soften up after hundred washes. You can either wear the shirt, despite the fact that it feels like cardboard, or you get rid of it and re-sell it on eBay.
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Is this Dior shirt by Christian Dior when it was licensed out or is it by Dior Homme?
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It's not a Dior Homme shirt, I suspect that it's an older shirt (still in very good condition, despite the stiff-ness). The label says "Christian Dior Chemise".
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