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Editorial Summer Job Style

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This summer I've got a job as an editorial assistant in a publishing company. I worked there last year in the computer department doing boring data entry, but this time I'll actually be gaining valuble experience.

The office style is fairly relaxed, I wont need a suit or tie, but jeans aren't really acceptable.

Has anyone got suggestions for a nice pair of slim fitting trousers and sleek shoes, maybe brown? I want to look smart, but also relaxed in my look. Also I don't really want to spend a fortune as it is only a summer job and I'm friendly with most people there already. I've seen the Loake made shoes on the Charles Tyrwhitt site and rather like the brogues, this is the kind of shoe I have mind, although perhaps less chunky would be preferable.

Suggestions on materials, colours and brands would be very helpful.

Thank you! Tom.
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Someone's selling a pair of chocolate suede Certo monkstraps in the B&S forum. If you're a 9.5 (US) they're one of the best investments of $125 you can make.

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I had a writing intern position in Manhattan and made a champagne colored sportcoat work. Paired with olive or light beige (khaki)-colored tropical wool dress slacks and two decent pairs of dress lace-ups, a couple of shirts, a couple ties, everything cooordinating with everything. Make sure your color tone matches your skin tone. If you're going right back to jeans and t's after the internship, I wouldn't invest a lot into the clothing. Also, I wouldn't try to dress too flashy. The permanent staff won't be, likely.
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I think the Tyrwhitt's at 50% off are a good deal. And check out the pediwear website. A lot of good mid range shoes at decent prices. I don't think it really makes sense for you to order English shoes from America. Shipping back to you will be somewhat expensive.

Publishing offices in London--as you know from your year there already--are pretty casual.
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Tropical wool is lightweight, but it's not likely to be slim-fit.

This pair of tissue chinos should be reasonably fitted and just as comfortable. Unfortunately, there's no international shipping. Maybe, maybe you can find it at a London Ralph Lauren. Khaki color would be a good choice.
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