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They finally emailed me yesterday to say that they accepted the return (they recieved it on the 28th.) To their credit they refunded me the money this evening. So it took exactly two weeks from the day they recieved the item back to the day I recieved the refund. That's not that bad I guess. It was kind of weird actually. About three hours after I posted my complaint on the forum I got an email from customer service saying that that they had accepted my return and that the shoes they sent were actually the right size. (I ordered a size 12 and recieved a shoe marked a size 11 - they say the shoes were a UK size 11 but I dunno, they were REALLY small.) Previously the customer service dept. had pretty much blown me off. I also recieved an email a bit later confirming that the return had been accepted. I got the feeling that perhaps someone at Yoox is reading our board but it's probably just a coincidence. Anyhow, I will probably order from them again. The selection is excellent, the prices are cheap (especially compared to Bluefly,) the shipping is inexpensive and quick, they have a very generous return policy, and return shipping is paid for by them. Also they have nice pictures, some with the ability to zoom in, see detail, even to rotate the item. An excellent site all things considered.