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Originally Posted by TheBaronSays View Post
What's the thread count ...oh excuse me I mean the grit? Looks more like jailhouse crafts? Theory, OP bought a wholesale lot from a tablecloth factory and diced them up? Sorry just an opinion...And after all, the OP did state this on my thread... sonlegoman Senior Member Join Date: Dec 2007 Location: Fullerton, CA Posts: 1,575 Re: $1,000,000 Men's Wardrobe For Sale In Dallas BIJAN ZILLI HERMES Good day, guv'nor. I believe everyone is allowed to discuss in a marketplace. Markets are more efficient that way. For example, it is obvious I know nothing about this stuff. So it is imperative that I listen to the opinions of others to make a decision about the purchasing of such goods. Now if you'll excuse me, I have important matters to attend to. Good day, sir. I said, good day! Buy my homemade hand rolled pocket squares: And my cufflinks: And lapel flowers: All of it goes to pay for optometry school.
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Just got my pocket squares in the mail today (red floral vines and red floral dots patterns) and they're fantastic. I don't have a robust and "high-end" pocket square collection by any means, but these are easily the nicest pocket squares I've ever handled and seen. The edges are fantastic on them and the cloth quality is superb. I'm typically someone who balks at spending more than $10/square, but these feel like they're well worth more than the $25 price. Sorry to sound like I'm overselling or schilling, but I do think they're a great deal and definitely top notch.
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