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My pocket squares arrived yesterday. Thanks a lot!
I ordered a white linen, the blue and white puppytooth, and a red and blue gingham check.
They all turned out great. The gingham check is particularly beautiful.
The puppytooth did had some small irregularities in the material
but nothing that prevents it from fulfilling its role as a pocket square.
Overall, I am very pleased and would certainly order again.
This could become a habit
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Received the red/blue gingham and it looks awesome. Wondering what I should wear it with though. Purchased the pink gingham earlier today. Also contemplating on the black/white gingham! Ha!

The quality of the PS's are very good.

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25,000 views!! Thanks StyleForum. EDIT: Red ,Yellow, Blue CHeck is no longer out of stock. But I only have enough fabric to make 2. Hurry and don't wait. It will go by fast. EDIT: I have a Grape Cotton Gingham and a Raspberry Glen Plaid Cotton on hand and ready to ship. $20 each to the first person who PMs me. Everything else must be waitlisted and will be $23US and $24Non-US. Wait time: About 3 weeks. Adding two more: Black and White Cotton Gingham (9 squares per inch): $23 within US and $24 non-US. 13 inches x 13 inches. Gray glen plaid (white, black, and purple fibers. The end result is gray with a hint of purple): $23 within US and $24 non-US. 13 inches x 13 inches. This is a very light material and will therefore produce a skinnier roll. See page 12 for everything else.
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Received my pink gingham today. FAST shipment and great seller. The quality of the rolls are very good as well. This will go great with my summery clothes

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Received my navy blue puppy tooth, very nice square. Just order two more.
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Seriously impressive dude! Have been following this thread for a while! (Before I signed up even!)

I've started making my own pocket squares. (Don't worry...just for myself. No competition here. The gingham's are great for learning on due to the small squares! ) I've figured out how to roll and sew just fine...but having trouble with the corners. Any advice mate?

Respect again for the squares. Best on here I reckon.
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Edit 4/23/11: White linen is all sold out. Won't reorder for a very long time. Sorry. It went way too fast. Edit 3/16/2011: prices are now $23 for us and $24 for international. Optometry school is kicking my ass and I need to temper demand for a bit. It will not go down for a long while. Looks like school just got real. Edit: 26,000 views!!!! Thanks Styleforum. Also, I will now begin accepting REVOLUTION MONEY EXCHANGE!! I hear lots of complaining about Paypal but not a lot about people requesting payment from alternative services. So I'm gonna do something about it. I'll give a $2 credit towards your purchase if you use Revolution Money Exchange. EDIT: Revolution Money Exchange is now SERVE by American Express Network. Look it up. Pay with your Serve iPhone app if you've got it. It is FREE to use. Free to send money, free to receive money. Just make sure you understand how it works before you sign up. PM me if you want more info about them. Two new designs. Both of these will be $23 each for US and $24 each for non-US (just like everything else). The rolling is very tight and the fabric matching is dead-on. Wait time is about 4-5 weeks. White with polka-dot flowers. 13" x 13". Italian cotton. Only 9 will be made. (3 sold, 6 remaining) Navy Blue Gingham (it is finally back, it was a favorite). This is a different fabric source though. It is 100% cotton from Italy. 13" x 13". I think I have enough for about 15 or 16 of these.
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Just throwing in one more request for those white linen squares with contrasting edging. I'd buy one with navy edging, as well as a few others if you decided to start making them again! Purple, or even orange edging would make some sharp looking squares!
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The pocket squares are awesome! Well worth the wait.

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nice!!! i can't wait for mine
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Originally Posted by NAMOR View Post
I sure hope the comments made by TheBaronSays lowers the demand. I can't keep up with this stuff anymore. New prices: $25 per square for US and $27 for non-US. These prices are effective 5/27/11. This is to reduce demand because I simply do not have time to do much of this anymore. I'm seeing patients 6 days a week in clinic. SOLD OUT: White linen Red, Yellow, Blue check Lime Green Gingham Blue and White Puppytooth Pink Gingham Wait time is now anywhere from 4-6 weeks. Maybe as low as 1 week. But expect 4-6 weeks. Here's the latest addition so I'm not breaking the rules. I only really did this to announce the price hike so I can reduce demand. I like to believe that I'm one of the few sellers who raises prices (but not as horribly as the pink cashmere atolini). Thanks everyone. I know this thread is a huge mess, but please check page 12 and 13 for the latest fabric choices available. Please see above photo to get an idea of the surgical precision of my rolling and sewing. Fabric matches are very precise and I do not like exposed thread. Yellow Leaves and Vines. 100% cotton. 13 inches x 13 inches. Oh, forgot to mention, there's only 1 of these. This fabric was leftovers from a project my gf was working on. I saved one for myself and will sell only 1. Rare collectors item. I know you guys are thinking this is just a lie to get people to not wait around, but I assure you, there is only enough fabric for 1 more. SOLD
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Received my PSs today, and I absolutely love them! Got a white linen, red gingham and a blue gingham. 1st class quality!
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Received all 5 of my pocket squares today, and they all look gorgeous! Here are the ones I bought: white linen black and white gingham navy blue gingham white satin squares with lavender stripes pink cotton gingham Thanks again! Will definitely have to check out what else you've got!
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What's the thread count ...oh excuse me I mean the grit? Looks more like jailhouse crafts? Theory, OP bought a wholesale lot from a tablecloth factory and diced them up? Sorry just an opinion...And after all, the OP did state this on my thread...
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Re: $1,000,000 Men's Wardrobe For Sale In Dallas BIJAN ZILLI HERMES
Good day, guv'nor. I believe everyone is allowed to discuss in a marketplace. Markets are more efficient that way. For example, it is obvious I know nothing about this stuff. So it is imperative that I listen to the opinions of others to make a decision about the purchasing of such goods. Now if you'll excuse me, I have important matters to attend to. Good day, sir. I said, good day!

Buy my homemade hand rolled pocket squares:
And my cufflinks:
And lapel flowers:
All of it goes to pay for optometry school.
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