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I got cufflinks from this seller that are very nice as well. Recommended.
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Just received the pocket squares and cufflinks I ordered - really nice pieces, thank you.
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Got my delivery all the way to Western Australia - great turnaround time and sensational quality product. Thanks very much mate, I really appreciate it!
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Another satisfied customer here. Lovely craftsmanship.
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i just received 2 in white linen. nice quality and sewing. i recommend this seller and item.
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Mine arrived today. Fast shipping and great quality. Would love to see more silk squares in the offing.
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got my purple gingham in the mail quickly, love it, got a few of those button flowers too, those look cool and will accent some of my suits nicely - glad to see it going to a good cause to further the guys education too...
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Agreed; great product at a great price for a great cause.

Thank you once again.
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School has begun. The Q is getting long. Raising prices to $22 for US and $23 for non-US. This is to slow demand while I study for exams. And here are two more fabrics, both 100% cotton in a medium weight. Red Mini Flowers and Vines: 13 x 13 inches. 100% cotton, floral print. The red shows pretty well on the opposite side but appears with low contrast. The finished product photos show that even without any geographical landmarks indicating where a straight line would be, I can still roll this into a perfectly straight edge. The photo with the straight edge was shot with bad exposure since I had the aperture way down to get high DOF. Like all my new fabric purchases, I only purchased enough for about 8 or 9 pocket squares. Get them before they're all gone. These are collectors' items. Or not. Blue Mini Flowers: 13 x 13 inches. 100% cotton. The blue doesn't show up so well on the opposite side. All money goes to help pay for optometry school. Which just saw a 5.5% tuition increase in a currently deflationary period. Lucky me... And here's all the older stuff: Updated July 19, 2010: 1) White linen is now back in stock. It was my best seller. Update July 5, 2010: 1) White linen is now sold out. Update July 4, 2010: 1) Running low on white linen. Enough for 3 more pocket squares. Will not reorder for some time. I know it is a classic and it is my best seller, but I need to reduce the amount of clutter in my room so I need to move some other fabrics. Update June 28, 2010: These are now sold out with no intention of reordering in the near future: 1) green gingham cotton 3) navy gingham cotton note: 2) navy linen is no longer sold out (officially back in rotation now that I found an extra 2 meters). It will be 14 x 14 inches as I am trying to get rid of the remaining amount. Added June 2010: Brown Houndstooth Cotton (appears to be brown and pink, is actually a natural flax color). This is a medium weight fabric. It will be about 15 x 15 inches (unlike all my other 13 x 13 inche pocket squares). Red, Blue, Yellow check Cotton. This is a medium weight fabric. Grape Gingham Cotton. This is a light weight, shirting fabric. Blue Chain Stripe Cotton. This is a medium weight fabric and has a bit of rippling similar to the effect of seersucker. It will be 13.75 inches x 13.75 inches. Here are the older designs: 1: 220 thread count Italian cotton. The weight of this stuff is very light and crisp (very annoying to roll). Please describe this as "Lavender and White Ghost Check in cotton". 2: Italian Pima. Please describe as "White Graph on Royal Blue in cotton" when ordering. This is 13.5 inches by 13.5 inches. 3: Italian Pima. Please describe as "bright pink graph on white cotton" when ordering. 4: Source unknown. Please describe as "white satin squares with lavender stripes." This fabric is amazing in that it changes with the angle of light reflectant upon it. White with satin squares at some angles, a faint lavender is present at other angles. I've included two photos just to show this. 5: Source unknown. Please describe as "white satin squares with yellow stripes." Same deal as above except it has yellow stripes. And if you haven't seen it before, here's what they look like once sewn up: Forgot to mention that these are all still available: Below, from top to bottom: lavender linen gingham, green cotton gingham (sold out), red cotton gingham, blue cotton gingham (sold out), white linen. Below: navy linen and pink cotton gingham. Baby Blue Linen: Satin Squares with Lavender Ministripes Cotton (not really new but I added finished photos): White with Dark Red Micrograph Check Cotton:
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Update October 6, 2010: I would like to try to shift my sales to Google Checkout. If you want Google Checkout, please contact me. I want to see if it lowers my sales. I know everyone has Paypal but I want to start moving away from Paypal. I just don't like them anymore. If you need Paypal, I'll still accept it but I want to encourage Google Checkout use. Also, white linen is now sold out and I will not be buying anymore for a very long time. If you're in the q to get it, you'll get it. But I will not accept any new orders. I actually have enough fabric for about 8 or 9 or so but I would like to keep it to make gifts for people. Sorry. Almost 19,000 VIEWS!!! 11 pages! Two New Designs added August 21, 2010: Everything is $22 for US and $23 for non-US. Wait time is about 21 days currently. All money goes to pay for optometry school. Get them before exams begin. When exams begin, the wait time will be significantly longer. Please PM me which designs you want. If you don't check SF often, please leave your email also. Rasberry Glen Plaid: 13 x 13 inches. 100% cotton. Blue Mini Flowers #2: 13 x 13 inches. 100% cotton.
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Received my 3 squares today and am very pleased with the quality. Highly recommended and will buy again.
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Are you still taking orders?? Looking to order several squares and a couple links. Thanks!
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Happy customer here - quick question for you, how would you launder/clean one of the linen squares? Hand wash in cold water/air dry I guess? I'd put it in the machine but worried about the delicacy of stitching, not sure if I should be though.
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Another happy customer, took about a week to deliver to the UK. Haven't paraded it around town yet, but will do soon. And also love some of those new materials.
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How much white linen do you have left? I might be interested in a couple.
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