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Originally Posted by JonEdangerousli View Post
Just checked this guy's other posts. He goes around writing "ping" on various B/S threads. Anyone know what it means or how it is used in forums? EDIT: If you don't check StyleForum often, please leave me your regular email when you PM me so I can send to your regular inbox as well. Thanks. EDIT 2: All the navy blue linen have been sold out and I have no plans on reordering this. It's just a huge pain in the butt to roll. The linen is simply too soft and not crisp enough. Anyone in the q for these will receive theirs' but no future orders for these will be taken. Edit June 23: Green gingham is sold out and I have no plans of reordering.
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Bump for Excellence... Just received a batch of four pocket squares and they are exquisitely made. Seller is also a pleasure to deal with.
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I write "ping" in threads that I'm interested in following. It's easier and quicker than going back up to the menu and subscribing to the thread. It also has the added benefit of bumping the post for the OP. <pause> On further review perhaps I should rethink my method. Letting an item that I'm interested in get buried might be advantageous...
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Bump for a quality seller. Let me know when new patterns are available.
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Updated July 19, 2010: 1) White linen is now back in stock. It was my best seller. Update July 5, 2010: 1) White linen is now sold out. Update July 4, 2010: 1) Running low on white linen. Enough for 3 more pocket squares. Will not reorder for some time. I know it is a classic and it is my best seller, but I need to reduce the amount of clutter in my room so I need to move some other fabrics. Update June 28, 2010: These are now sold out with no intention of reordering in the near future: 1) green gingham cotton 3) navy gingham cotton note: 2) navy linen is no longer sold out (officially back in rotation now that I found an extra 2 meters). Added June 2010: Brown Houndstooth Cotton (appears to be brown and pink, is actually a natural flax color). This is a medium weight fabric. It will be about 15 x 15 inches (unlike all my other 13 x 13 inche pocket squares). Red, Blue, Yellow check Cotton. This is a medium weight fabric. Grape Gingham Cotton. This is a light weight, shirting fabric. Blue Chain Stripe Cotton. This is a medium weight fabric and has a bit of rippling similar to the effect of seersucker. It will be 13.75 inches x 13.75 inches. The same price as everything else on page 7. $20 per pocket square for US customers, $21 for international customers. To order, PM me to get into the q and list the names that are in bold that you would like to order. Also, I'm no longer buying fabric in large quantities since my room is getting more and more cluttered. I have enough for only 8 of these (I'm keeping one for myself). Please check out page 7 to see the quality of the rolling and sewing. I do not plan on reordering these fabrics. If you don't check SF often, I suggest you also leave your email so I can also send notification to there. Here are the older designs: 1: 220 thread count Italian cotton. The weight of this stuff is very light and crisp (very annoying to roll). Please describe this as "Lavender and White Ghost Check in cotton". Price: $20. 2: Italian Pima. Please describe as "White Graph on Royal Blue in cotton" when ordering. This is 13.5 inches by 13.5 inches. Price: $20. 3: Italian Pima. Please describe as "bright pink graph on white cotton" when ordering. Price: $20 4: Source unknown. Please describe as "white satin squares with lavender stripes." This fabric is amazing in that it changes with the angle of light reflectant upon it. White with satin squares at some angles, a faint lavender is present at other angles. I've included two photos just to show this. Price $20. 5: Source unknown. Please describe as "white satin squares with yellow stripes." Same deal as above except it has yellow stripes. Price $20. And if you haven't seen it before, here's what they look like once sewn up: Forgot to mention that these are all still available: Below, from top to bottom: lavender linen gingham, green cotton gingham (sold out), red cotton gingham, blue cotton gingham (sold out), white linen. Each $20. Below: navy linen and pink cotton gingham. $20 each. Baby Blue Linen: Satin Squares with Lavender Ministripes Cotton (not really new but I added finished photos): White with Dark Red Micrograph Check Cotton:
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I don't have a high enough post count to PM. Could you please message me? I'm interested in purchasing a white linen square.

Thank you.
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does your shipping include tracking?
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Received my 3 squares today. Fantastic quality and workmanship.
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received the white linen and lavendar gingham pocket squares today.
fantastic work.
will be repeat customer.
please pm when new fabrics available.

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Very nice linen pocket squares. I will be looking for more!
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Got my baby blue linen. Very satisfied with it! Chuan
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These pocketsquares really do look amazing.
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Great quality products and great service, really caters to the customer! Would not mind buying from here again.
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Hello everyone. I just want to tell you all how amazing this adventure has been for me. It is because of this that I must say that with great sadness, I will not be able to devote that much time to this venture in the upcoming year as an optometry student. Next year will include much more patient time and I will simply not have the time to do this. I will probably only make maybe 1 or 2 per week (which is like working on one side of a pocket square per day). After sending over 200 squares, I haven't had a single bad experience with a customer. I've only lost two packages in the mail and in both cases, the customers were glad to have a replacement sent. SF members are the most patient and kind bunch of gentlemen ever. I've sold Lego toys on eBay and I know how tough customers can be. And since the first two paragraphs would obviously violate the self-bumping policy, I'm cutting prices to $18 per pocket square til 11:59 PM of Saturday July 24 (and $19 per square for non-US). You don't have to pay by that time, you simply have to get on the queueueueiue. Each PM is time stamped, so I'll know if you qualify for the reduced price. Don't wait, some of my inventory is already a bit low. I'll try to enjoy what summer I have left (the only summer break in the 4 years of optometry school and even then it isn't a full break) by working on your pocket squares and reduce inventory by the time school begins again. After that, prices will go back up to $20 per square. Alaska and Hawaii is also $18 per square. If you visit SF rarely, leave your email address when you PM me. Everything I have above is available except : green gingham, blue gingham. Some of the fabric choices are a bit low though so don't wait, get in line. Thanks everyone, it's been a ton of fun. PS. Don't worry, I'll still make them. Just not at the same pace. EDIT: I figured this might fit here more than my cufflinks thread: Design #31: Felt Flower Boutonniere 6-pack or 3-pack. For your lapel. And to identify yourself as an iGent. Diameter and Material: 1.5 inches. 100% wool felt and cotton button in the middle. Secured in the back with MOP button. You will get these 3 or 6 felt petal colors with these 3 or 6 buttons in this combination unless otherwise requested. You may request to have the colors switched; however, you must get one of each petal color and one of each middle color shown here. The colors are red, medium gray, dark gray, pink, black, and blue for petals. For middle button, it is yellow, red, blue, pink, light blue, and orange. Have fun with this. Price: $45 per set of 6. If you'd like colors swapped, please request it. Price: $25 per set of 3. Please request which three you'd like and the color combinations. Price: $20 per set of 2. Please request which three you'd like and the color combinations.
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Got mine last week - the basic white one!

Good quality, recommended!
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