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Hand rolled pocket squares

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Hello everyone. I have up for sale 6 white linen pocket squares that I personally sewed myself. I’m trying to pay for optometry school and I figured this would be a good way to spend some time in between classes. They are all made from Irish linen and measure 13 x 13 inches. The sewing was done by hand so that the stitching is as hidden as possible. The rolling is done by hand. The price will be $16 each and for those who live outside the United States, please add $1 more. Thanks. I can accept Paypal and google checkout and I prefer google checkout. Please PM me with your name, your email address, and which service you’d prefer so that I can send you an invoice or I can track your order. Also, I have more fabric in different colors and will be putting up more stuff when I have time to make them. Optometry school isn’t going to pay for itself. If you're not satisfied, I offer full refunds too. Thanks. EDIT: All sold. For now. But I am STILL TAKING RESERVATIONS. I will begin making more tomorrow. Red gingham check to come. Please see page 4 for the blue gingham pocket square. Although I have six right now, I have more fabric to make more but it takes a while to make these. I try to make one per day.
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Neat work!
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I already have a couple similar pocket squares, but bump for a quality product and a great cause. Best of luck!
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Good luck on the sales. I'd try one if I didn't already have a white linen PS.
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I'll take one. PM sent.
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Free bump because this is pretty damn cool. Have no need for one atm or i'd be buying.
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Pure awesomeness. PM sent. Stuart
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Hey everyone. Thanks for the bumping but I rather not get into trouble. I'll repost new stuff when I get them made. I hope to have some checks and other solid colors soon. Thanks for the bumping. But I hope I'm not breaking any rules. I'm sorta new to the B and S thread. Thanks though. EDIT: to Ferguscan below: thanks for the info. Cool.
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You only get in trouble when you bump yourself (without a price drop or important new information). Bumps from other people are just free goodness.
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Yes, I'd be interested in seeing check patterns as well as other types of patterns. Keep me posted if you decide to make cotton pocket squares too. Thanks!
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I'm going to keep an eye on this thread as well. Yes, that's also a optometry bit of humor.
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I was wondering why this poster looked familiar, and it turns out that I bought some hand-made cufflinks from him almost a year ago. I was happy with the product. The actual link between the two ends of the cufflinks could have been longer since in its current form, it's a tight fit and I'm not sure how well the links would hold up for everyday wear. However, the design and workmanship of the overall cufflinks was pretty cool and I wear them from time to time. Fortunately, one doesn't really have to worry about durability issues with pocket squares.
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$16.00 shipped?
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Originally Posted by Hummingbird View Post
$16.00 shipped?
That is correct. Demand was a bit high so I might raise prices to allow myself time to make these. Maybe $17 next time.
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Are you taking orders on the next batch? If so put me down for a red gingham one.
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