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Great Heritage brand but unfortunately they have just grown to a scale  where their production is done outside of the UK. 

HonourMark champions the man for his adventures Monday through Friday.
HonourMark champions the man for his adventures Monday through Friday.
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For the more traditional jackets such as Beadale and Beadnell, I totally expect them to be UK made. My first Barbour is actually a $325.00 Gold Label Dressage Bag, to my dismay, it is 'made in China'. I mean who would spend 300 dollars on a cotton tote that is made in China? I could have spent my 300 bucks on a 'made in China' Coach leather purse instead.
As for the tartan scarves, I own one and it is made in Scotland (lucky me). It is hard to imagine wearing a Barbour tartan scarf that is made in China. What do tartan and China have in common?
If Barbour keeps putting clothes out that are made in China, it should at least lower the retail price in half or else have their Royal Warrant stripped.
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I'd like to add my own findings while searching for a Made in UK Barbour jacket.


I've been searching for a Durham jacket and discovered that Barbour manufactures the jackets in both the UK and Bulgaria.


Here are some screenshots that I took:

Notice the lack of Made in England text on the tag for the Olive version.


Here's the tag for the Navy version. I also noticed that the Made in UK version has more double-stitch seams than the non-Made in UK jackets.



See the differences in the double-stitch vs. single-stitch seams on the center back and sleeves.


I'm not disparaging Barbour but I do agree with @Expat Simon's comments found in post #20. I am also surprised that Barbour would manufacture the same jacket, albeit in different colors, in two different countries.

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I just got an "original" International Barbour Jacket that doesn't have any indication whatsoever of its country of origin. Nevertheless I found it, not stitched or printed in the jacket but in the tab that identifies it, that came with a guarantee card to be filled and sent to Barbour, an instruction booklet and a pin, all nicely packed in a Barbour box:



As you can see, the importer sticker says: País de Origen (Country of Origin): TUNISIA, even though at the store they said it was UK... :brick: 

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most of their wax jackets are still in UK, just brought a classic beaufort, the tag says AW15 and made in england
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I wrote Barbour about my International waxed jacket country of origin. For the forumers information, I copy their answer:


"Thank you for your email.


Your comments relating to our manufacturing have been noted and we can appreciate your concerns.  


Barbour has been producing wax cotton jackets in South Shields in the North East of England since 1894.  Product quality is of paramount importance to us and the benefit of having a factory in South Shields is that it gives us control over our product, flexibility and allows us to focus on attention to detail.  The longevity of the brand is based on the quality and durability of the product.  We produce between 130-140,000 classic wax jackets a year through the factory and we are committed to the manufacture of jackets in South Shields.  

Our main jackets that are manufactured in the UK are the Barbour bedale, beadnell and the beaufort.
With regard to the rest of the collections, (e.g. quilted jackets, waterproof breathable, trousers, shirts, accessories), they are made in Europe and further afield. When we set about the broadening and diversifying of the range from 2000 onwards, we quickly realised that you cannot be an expert in all methods in the manufacturing trade.  We therefore set out to find the best factories and fabric suppliers wherever in the world to produce the quality that we require.   However, we treat these factories just like our own; we provide everything to the factory in terms of raw material, technical information and even cutting patterns and our technical and quality people visit frequently.


Please rest assured that whilst some of our garments are manufactured overseas, this is not without a vast amount of input from our Sourcing, Product Development and Quality teams as we would not compromise on the quality of our products.


Kind regards"

Barbour Customer Services Team

Barbour Logo
Barbour International Logo
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My Ashby and my girlfriend's Beadnell are made in England.

My Digby is made in Bulgaria.
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Originally Posted by chizhang001001 View Post

most of their wax jackets are still in UK, just brought a classic beaufort, the tag says AW15 and made in england

Sorry but just because your jacket is Made in the UK it doesn't automatically mean that "most of their wax jackets" are made there. 


All of the evidence shows that most of their traditional jackets (Bedale, Beaufort etc.) may be made there, but certainly not all of them. Whereas from what everybody finds, and posts (both here on style forum, and elsewhere) most of their fashion-forward type wax jackets are made overseas.


And as the other post above shows, they're still not printing a clear 'Made in ?????' label inside their coats.


Essentially, we're at the point where if there's no label stating country of manufacture, then there's probably a reason why.

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