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Originally Posted by xchen View Post

Got the Hawaiian shirt yesterday. I definitely do not vouch for it, going back today.

I liked it, it's a little 'over detailed' but for the price and suitability as a summer party shirt I can't really complain. I sized down and it fits great.
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Originally Posted by lwkeung View Post

Do you think they keep track of all your returns?
I feel a little guilty returning like 50% of my orders each time.
It's just that the sizing is different for every item!

Why wouldn't they track returns? They keep order history.
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Just checking in. Nice to know nothing's changed in my absence.
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Anyone interested in a pair of slim fit cargo pants, 34x34 in 'green caper' (basically olive green), before I send them back?
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Anyone know when the Fall stuff starts hitting?
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Originally Posted by bl@ster View Post

Anyone know when we can start buying, and then returning, the Fall stuff?

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Originally Posted by Rambo View Post

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I've returned very few LEC items and have been very happy w/ the vast majority of my purchases there. In fact, some of my favorite shirts are LEC. In closing, haters gonna hate.
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Originally Posted by jt2gt View Post

Here's a quick pic of mine and a quick review. Durability is great...shows little wear after about 8 mos. of use. Its a bit more unstructured than I was hoping, but works well. Laptop sleeve is perfect. Holds alot...plenty wide but could be a bit larger length wise for legal sized files (they fit, but scrunched). Quality of the leather straps could be a bit better, but they are breaking in nicely. I like the outside pockets on front and back to throw papers, wallet, keys, sunglasses without having to open main zipper.
Good to hear. I grabbed the navy one a few weeks ago when all accessories were 60% off and plan on using it as a diaper bag. I figured $52 was a good deal for that kind of bag.
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Two ways to get an extra % back from them:


1  If you have a Discover card, log into your account online and use the link at ShopDiscover for Land's End.  Just make sure you pay with your Discover card.

2  Go to Ebates and click on the Land's End link.  Make sure you've got an Ebates account of course, which is free and easy.

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I just discovered Canvas about 6 mo. ago. Gotta say, at the discount prices, some of the items are a steal. A few shirts have become favorites for casual wear. Just picked up a pair of chino's that are 95% the same as a pair of RLP chinos (near identical in every detail, if not quite as meticulously finished) for 30 or 40% the price.

I do think on some of their shirts their patterns are just not up to snuff. I've been reading folks say they're JCrew knock-offs, but JCrew stuff ends up looking nicer to my eye. What I've returned is often because, in the end, it doesn't look quite right.

I picked up a Patch Madras shirt from LE that is as nice as anything from anyone and about 50% of the price. With free shipping and easy returns, it's been a no brainer for experimentation.
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There is some nice looking stuff in there. Look forward to seeing it in the wild.
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We've been betrayed!
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So not cool....and really, really surprised.

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