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Without a doubt small. I'm normally a medium and the smalls fit me great, I'm pleased with the quality of the shirts based on the fact that I paid just over $15 for all of mine, they're nothing spectacular.

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VLSI, cameron - thanks for the input. For the $15 dollar sale I reckon they're worth a shot... cheers!
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I have a 38.5in chest and a small fits well in the chest. Sleeves could be an inch longer and neck .25-.5 larger though.

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I'm 5'8" and 165 and all I mostly order small. I have maybe a 38-39" chest.
The Poplin shirts on the other hand, I order a medium since I feel they fit a little smaller and are short in the sleeves.

I have no complaints for $15 shirts.
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Lands' End Canvas has been a little bit hit or miss for me, but the poplins have been pretty good (vs. the madras, which felt really cheap). For the record, I'm 6'3" with a 38" chest so I get mediums. Sleeve length (~34 in the M) and neck are always good, but sometimes the chest and body are on the loose side. 


If the selvedge patterned poplin goes on sale again (Nearly everything LEC goes on sale eventually), go for it! A really nice shirt.

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Didn't even know they had selvedge shirts, thanks for the tip smile.gif

I agree with the fits, they are a bit of a hit and miss. I normally wear Medium in most brands and all my LEC shirts are small. Their mediums are always too big on me. Of the smalls, Some fit great on the body, one is a little loose, and one or two are a tad too tight. All of them are a tad too tight around the neck if you button them all the way up, but I wear them casually untucked and they are always the right cut/good length for that.
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Looking at the the webster boot. How's the sizing on this boot? TTS or half size smaller.

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Anyone know how the sizing on the Jackson boot compares to a Clarks DB?

Thanks much
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60% off all accessories. Anyone going to get anything?
The $12 travel kit and <$20 belts look like great deals.
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Thinking hard about those DBs, maybe a belt or two, also those websters in light khaki look awesome. 

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The $9 umbrella looks like a steal too.
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Has anyone tried to put lexol on the boots? I tried to condition them and its been a couple days but it doesn't seem to be absorbing the conditioner. Seems like the corrected grain leather won't absorb any conditioner. Anyone with different experiences?
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FYI they moved alot of Canvas sale items to the main sale section.
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