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Just ordered two shirts and a pair of the refined slim seersucker pants--I figured for $20 each it's not a big risk if they don't fit.

The website seemed to be overloaded and didn't work, so I called in and the order went smoothly--the code listed above worked for me as well.
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Has anyone tried the short sleeve madras shirts?
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I just placed an order as well, I'm crossing my fingers on the refined slim seersucker pants too. I haven't owned any LE or LEC clothing before but I'm giving it a shot with about a dozen items. The return policy looks pretty painless. I'll def update with pics once the package comes in. 

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Oh sucks. I was waiting for their dressier poplin shirt to go on sale but it looks like LEC took that shirt off the site during their $25 dollar shirt sale. Bummer. I was looking forward to trying on an LEC shirt that did NOT have pockets or button down collars.
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Repped. 6 Shirts for $120 shipped. Boo-yah.

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LEC is getting too flare'ey. The chambray contrast collars have got to go. Bring back the simpler, less douchey stuff.
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Agreed. Many of the plaid patterns are absolutely terrible too. It's like they buy left over fabrics that no one else wanted. This shirt looks quite nice though:

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I don't have the shirt you linked to, but I have an LEC short-sleeve madras shift from a previous season. It's really good, I wear it all the time. Good quality cotton, nice pattern, slim through both the body and sleeve. As usual, size down for a slim fit.
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Originally Posted by bl@ster View Post

LEC is getting too flare'ey. The chambray contrast collars have got to go. Bring back the simpler, less douchey stuff.

I have to disagree. I have seen vintage Gant shirts with chambray contrast collars.
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I've read through most of the comments but if someone would confirm that would rule, I wear a medium in most brands, so I should size down to a small in LE canvas for a slim fit?

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Probably, but it depends on what "most brands" are and how well you fill them out. What's your chest measurement and height?
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5'10 chest is 38 inches. Only stuff I really have that I lump in with 'most brands' (i'm relatively new to the buying actually nice clothes thing, forgive my ignorance, i'm also in high school on a very tight budget) is the normal LE shirt I have (it's a medium, fits a bit big, I could have probably sized down), a couple of j crew shirts, I have a small gap shortsleeve that I regularly wear and it fits great, probably the closest thing I have to a legitimately good fit at this point. I'm generally clueless and have owned maybe two shirts that even slightly resemble 'well fitting'. 

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I think you'd be good with a small, should fit you pretty well. Probably still need to take it in some in the waist if you're slim, but that's all their shirts.

If you want shirts that fit well OTR, try wolf vs goat. Though they aren't really a viable option on a high school budget.
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thanks a ton man! 

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Definitely go with a small. 5' 8", 40R here, and S fits perfect.

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