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Originally Posted by otc View Post

Slim in what direction? More taper at the bottom and slimmer sleeves or also slimmer in the chest?
I am marginally ok with BB slim fit but I think they still need to be smaller at the waist. I tried a couple of extra slim fits and won't be buying more...they end up getting slimmer in the chest (and actually end up less tapered I think) so I have to get a size bigger and they still end up pulling a bit in the chest while not being quite where I would like at the waist.

I think LE tailored fit is slimmer across the chest and slimmer around the sleeves when compared to BB's slim fit. There isn't much taper at the waist though.
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Has anyone tried out the linen shorts?
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I tried them but they were too damn short for me.
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How did they fit in the waist?

Lands End says they are an 1 1/4" slimmer in the waist than the pants. I just don't believe it.
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LE needs to hurry up and fix their polos so they don't blouse out at the waist for fat dudes.
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Originally Posted by gort View Post

They need to hurry up and drop the price on this

This is available for $25 now until Monday.
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All the pants are now $25 + you can use a 20% off coupon too.MONEY and PIN 2030

LEC sales are the strangest I have ever seen.
This is the first time some of the pants have been on sale. The drop from $75 to <$20 from one day to the next is really odd.
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derp nvm
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Sweet deals indeed. I'm waiting for the Madras Jacket to go on sale!
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The code works both for 20% off and free shipping over $50.
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A bunch of the $50 shirts that have never been on sale are $25 too. Crazy.
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The coupon code is tricky I used it on my first purchase this morning and had no problems. I just tried to use it again and had to mess around to get it to work.
You have to add the items you want from and then checkout from
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I placed an order then saw your post, used live chat to retroactively apply it. Got two shirts for $42. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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Anyone have any impressions of the Guildsman Chambray Workshirt? Looks good in the pictures but the only site review bashed it quite bad.
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coupon only good on sale items...not enough items on sale that I want. also wish they would restock that sailors belt.
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