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Originally Posted by otc View Post

Slim in what direction? More taper at the bottom and slimmer sleeves or also slimmer in the chest?
I am marginally ok with BB slim fit but I think they still need to be smaller at the waist. I tried a couple of extra slim fits and won't be buying more...they end up getting slimmer in the chest (and actually end up less tapered I think) so I have to get a size bigger and they still end up pulling a bit in the chest while not being quite where I would like at the waist.

I think LE tailored fit is slimmer across the chest and slimmer around the sleeves when compared to BB's slim fit. There isn't much taper at the waist though.
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Has anyone tried out the linen shorts?

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I tried them but they were too damn short for me.
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How did they fit in the waist?

Lands End says they are an 1 1/4" slimmer in the waist than the pants. I just don't believe it.
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LE needs to hurry up and fix their polos so they don't blouse out at the waist for fat dudes.
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Originally Posted by gort View Post

They need to hurry up and drop the price on this

This is available for $25 now until Monday.
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All the pants are now $25 + you can use a 20% off coupon too.MONEY and PIN 2030

LEC sales are the strangest I have ever seen.
This is the first time some of the pants have been on sale. The drop from $75 to <$20 from one day to the next is really odd.
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derp nvm
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Sweet deals indeed. I'm waiting for the Madras Jacket to go on sale!
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The code works both for 20% off and free shipping over $50.
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A bunch of the $50 shirts that have never been on sale are $25 too. Crazy.
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The coupon code is tricky I used it on my first purchase this morning and had no problems. I just tried to use it again and had to mess around to get it to work.
You have to add the items you want from landsendcanvas.com and then checkout from landsend.com
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I placed an order then saw your post, used live chat to retroactively apply it. Got two shirts for $42. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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Anyone have any impressions of the Guildsman Chambray Workshirt? Looks good in the pictures but the only site review bashed it quite bad.
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coupon only good on sale items...not enough items on sale that I want. also wish they would restock that sailors belt.
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