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Gucci loafers sizing -1.5 sizes smaller?

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I need some help on sizing for gucci loafers. It was a while ago i tried some on, but i recall them running quite a lot larger than "regular" sizes. I usually wear a euro 43 (US 9.5 approx) but i think the gucci's that fit me were marked 41.5 - 1.5 sizes smaller.

I understand ofcourse that models can vary, but for those of you who wear gucci loafers, how does your size differ from other shoes?
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I've found that to be true for me as well, I wear a size and a half lower in Gucci for whatever reason.
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Just a size smaller for me, but yea, they run big as hell.
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Most designers seem to do this--Gucci, Versace, Prada, D&G are the ones I've tried on.
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I think it depends on the model. I tried on numerous sizes of a horsebit loafer in stores and discovered that even 1.5 sizes down didn't fit quite right because of the shoe's elongated snout. Then, I found a pair of horsebit loafer in my usual size in a consignment store that fit perfectly. The perfectly fitting pair didn't have the chiseled toe, but look much more like my Alden leisure handsewns. They are some of my most comfortable shoes.
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It's actually exactly one of the snouty-nosed loafers i'm planning on getting, but it's not available in my local store so i'll have to have them get them by courier for me. Based on the responses i should be pretty safe with -1.5 in size then.
And for loafers i'd guess they stretch a bit too, so i usually buy a little too small in loafer-type shoes to allow for stretching.
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Bump! I have the black guccisima loafers, which are cool, but I can't really wear them casually, so I just ordered the horse bit loafers with the lug sole -- hoping those will be pretty durable, with the thick rubber sole, and all... I'm posting in this thread to see if the sizing is about the same. I usually wear a 7 or 7.5 shoe, but in the guccisima loafer I got a US 6... In these too, I ordered a 6. Any experience with these?
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Well, I received the Gucci classic horse-bit with lug sole yesterday in the 6D (the exact same size of my other Gucci loafers) and they were too small...

So, FYI to anybody who's still following this topic of Gucci loafer/shoe sizes: I just ordered the 6.5D as an exchange. I hope those'll be big enough...

Again, if there's any input, I'd be grateful to anyone who can add anything! My foot fit into the 6, but on one of the shoes my toe barely touched the front inside of the shoe... I'm optimistic that the 6.5 is just right...

(By comparison, I tried the 7D in the classic Gucci horse-bit NORMAL sole, and that was too big...) I guess the question is whether the regular soles run different size-wise than the lug soles.

Thanks for listening!
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