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Some questions on LVC and shrink-to-fit

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Alright, so from what I gather these things are going to shrink a bit, such that I need to pick up a pair that is 2 sizes larger and pre-shrink them (unless I am giving up my ability to have kinds like BrianSD ).

Being a size 32 in pretty much everything, I assume this means I will be looking at a size 34, is this correct? Or is the 32 already sized "up" so it will shrink to tag size?

I have seen a lot of measurements on rakuten, the ones I were looking @ todat (I believe on Raiders) didn't mention whether they were pre- or post-shrinkage measurements. Are the measurements on rakuten typically one or the other?

I am still undecided about the 1944 model or the 1955 model. Also considering some Skull Jeans by Alchemist but that's a topic for another thread...

To get the size right, better to measure body or existing jeans? I think all the LVC here in Vancouver is pre-washed and are sizes 30 or 38.

As far as the shrink to fit goes, is there any advantage to actually sitting in the tub with them on to get them to shrink to size? My only concern with this (aside from the blue tub) would be how long they take to dry the shrinkage is complete. I wouldn't want to walk around my apartment in soaking wet jeans, although I guess they don't drip all over the place like a t-shirt would.

Thanks guys,
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I think the best way to buy the shrink to fits is to try on a pair to find a good fit. Once you find a good size, add 2 more inches, 3 or more to length, and go with those.

If you have to go sight unseen, a 34 sounds right. I normally wear a 32 and lvc 47 32"s I tried on were a little snug.

I couldn't tell you if a tub would be better, but in theory it allows the jeans to shrink to fit you perfectly... It should be warming up about now anyway, so wet jeans may not be all that uncomfortable in high heat.
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Wow today was a hot day, not sure I really want to buying dry jeans now but oh well haha

I noticed that shrink-to-fit are supposed to shrink 1-2 inches in the waste and 2-4 inches (?) in the length, however, I was curious about the other measurements.

I aimage imagine these might change somewhat, but should I expect the measurements for the thighs, hips, and leg opening to change much after complete shrinkage?

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