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Shoe storage

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This question is for all the shoe horses out there.  Where do you store your shoes when the floor space in the closet isn't enough?  I bought an over the door rack like this, but it broke yesterday.  Accordingly, I am hesitant to buy a similar model, and am thinking of getting an over the door storage system that uses individual compartments for the shoes.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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I converted a hard plastic book shelf into a shoe shelf. Not only does it hold more shoes than the over the door models, but in my case, is tucked in the corner of the walk in closet and is out of the way. A friend, after seeing what I had done, purchased an identical one, but placed his on a landing going to the basement, as this was his ideal location.
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I ordered a cedar shoe rack from Allen Edmonds. Not too expensive, and I feel the best way to store shoes. I fit several pairs on 2 racks, which are stackable.
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There are several stackable systems for shoe storage available. Some are made from cedar. Look at Lands' End and HoldEverything. Andy
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In my closet, I have an "aisle" in between my racks of clothes. When I open the door, shirts are on the left and pants/suits are on the right. In between the two and all the way in the back, I have shelves running up the wall. I used to keep all sorts of random things in them, but now I use it for excess shoe storage. If your closet has a similar set up to mine, I suggest doing something like this. Also, you might want to go back to the store with your broken shoe rack (if you bought it recently) and ask for a replacement or refund. Who knows, maybe that one was a fluke.
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http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product....xyz=xyz I have two, going on three, of these sitting "tall" (not horizontally like in the pic) in my closet. ONE show per cubbie hole, not two... If you don't use the bottom shelf insert, the cubbie will double in size and have enough room for boots. Usually on sale in the $20 - $25 range. My closet is walled in cedar, but I've gone ahead and put cedar "sticky" strips on the top side of the cubbies as well. I've used the stackable shoe racks as well, but have found they aren't too sturdy and were easily tipped over. These puppies aren't going anywhere.
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Check out what Ikea offers. Their stuff is well designed (looks stylish), well constructed (won't break) and best of all cheap. Ikea has flip-out shoe solutions in stand-alone units. But, be creative with your solution -- for example, purchase a shallow bookcase like a ROBIN. The ROBIN is 70x165cm, 25cm deep. You can fit 3 pairs of Euro size 45 (US 11) shoes per shelf for a total of 16 pairs per case. You can buy extra shelves and reduce the spacing on the shelves for higher density storage.
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Here's a question for folks on shoe storage. Do you generally store your shoes in their original boxes, and do you keep them in shoe bags?
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I only use shoe bags when I travel. While the shoes are on the shelf, I keep cedar shoe horses in them to keep shape and add a much nicer smell.
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Using the cloth bags depends on the shoes and the frequency which I wear them. I have a shoe rack behind the foot of my bed where I store most of my casual shoes and boots (I leave everything, especially the boots, in cloth bags to prevent the accumulation of dust... yes, my room tends to get dusty and the bags prevent my shoes from accidently banging into each other). "Day-to-day" stuff, approximately four pairs, are kept adjacent to the night stand. My nicer dress shoes, reserved for days when I actually have to wear a tie, are kept in original boxes wrapped loosely in felt clothes (the travel bags are retained but not used). Otherwise, too many shoes with too little space. I might try the Ikea bookshelf solution though... there are a few posted on Ebay periodically.
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I like the one that Goldie Hawn's character had in the closet of her yacht in "Overboard." Not that I own anything like that (I have plastic stackable shelves) but it was cool.
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