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What is Congestive Prostatitis? It is more common in prostatitis a. It is usually due to excessive fatigue in the prostate when there will be congestive phenomenon, it is chronic non-bacterial prostatitis.

Clinically, congestive prostatitis is caused by its own factors in long-term congestive state of the prostate, which causes a variety of factors make long-term chronic pelvic congestive state, such as sedentary, have been unable to induce sexual excitement, such as the proper release. Be induced by sexual excitement, orgasm is reached after 15-30 minutes of pelvic congestive dissipated; if there is no way to achieve orgasm and sexual excitement was blocked pelvic congestive will continue a half-day to 1 day. Pelvic congestive did not subside in time, emerging lumbosacral and lower abdomen with mild discomfort, often included in the risk of chronic prostatitis. go-

Prevention and treatment of congestive prostatitis key is to effectively prevent a variety of reasons arising from long-term chronic pelvic congestive state. Sitting in the main work, interspersed can consciously work to change the body posture. In the absence of the conditions to achieve orgasm as much as possible to avoid being induced excited; inevitably be evoked when the sexual excitement, trying to release as much as possible; laboratory examination, prostatic fluid in the optical microscope, high power field for each white blood cell count of more than 10, is a diagnosis of congestive prostatitis one of the necessary conditions.

In short, the prostate is a male-specific genital gland only, male friends have to protect the prostate, it must not be violated.