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Barbour Beaufort or Barbour Classic Beaufort?

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Can anyone offer any more information on the difference between these two jackets?

So far as I can tell the "Beaufort" is waxed with traditional thornproof wax while the "Classic Beaufort" is waxed with sylkoil.

Are there any pros cons to these different treatments?

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Anyone know of this?
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search SF or this link
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fyi: I was looking at similar options and came across a relatively hard-to-find barbour coat called the Challenger. It's waterproof and breathable but, best of all, it's woven in a herringbone pattern that I really, really like. Note that the outer material is actually polyester with some type of coating but I've had the jacket about 5 months or so and absolutely love it. They didn't at the time, but I see that Orvis has it now - though they describe the material as "tweed"-like. Unless you're dead set on a waxed variety, I'd add this to your list of options to at least consider: (fyi: I was able to get mine from another retailer that wanted to move their last few of them fr ~$260 US if I recall - YMMV)
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I recall reading somewhere that the newer beauforts were a bit slimmer than the classics.
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Barboru Beaufort is one jacket. Two materials. They are both waterproof, waxed cotton is the original and feels slightly odd at first but acquires a patina that people seem to like. The sykoil (sp) feels sort of like brushed cotton or something. Both are waterproof. I tried them both on yesterday at Orvis near Grand Central. The fit is identical. Same jacket different materials.
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Originally Posted by clausc View Post
search SF or this link

"Don't wear the pin"

I was wondering what I'd do with that pin . . .
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I own the Classic version and the only difference I remember when purchasing was the fabric. I highly recommend the Classic. Best casual coat I have purchased.
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Really, either is good. Barbour changed the lining on the "Original" a few years back, and I'd say it is less attractive now than it was before (at least in the green/sage color). For that reason, I'd say go for the "Classic" in the sylkoil fabric, which is a bit browner and has a nice pattern for its liner. Note also that the "Original" wax jackets look silly until they've been worn in heavy elements and subjected to regular use for ~6 months. The sylkoil jackets, by contrast, look "broken-in" from the day you buy them (not in that they're distressed, but just in that the fabric doesn't need a break in).

The original is almost like raw jeans -- needs some break-in but then gets a great patina.
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I have both.

I would recommend the regular waxed version (not silkoil), in my opinion the regular version gets better with wear/age where the silkoil version looks worse with wear/age.
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sorry to revive an old thread.. bought my brother a Beaufort "Classic" in Sylkoil but trying to decide soon if i should exchange it for a Beufort "Original" (non Sylkoil).. i wanted to get him the one that would develop character and patina over time (this will be something he keeps for a long time, i hope).. i've read around the forum and other forums but see differing opinions about Classic versus Original some information says Classic Skykoil develops more character (like the chap in the link below) however, other posters claim the non Sylkoil version develops more character. also, most sites say the Original and the Classic Beaufort are the same dimensions, but on the Barbour site they appear to be very different lenghts..
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what is the beaufort called that is non-waxed?
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for anyone who stumbles across this thread and interested in difference between Sykoil and Thornproof, i have an answer from the people at Barbour

"The difference in the Sykoil Beaufort jacket is just in the finish of the material. The Sykoil material is an "unshorn" woven cotton it has a matt appearance and has a drier handle rather than the normal Beaufort which has a shinier appearance."
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The difference between "The Classic beaufort" and "The original Beaufort" :

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