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On the Street in NYC....Old Man Mory

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more at The Sartorialist
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Very cool! How did he get that much waist suppression though? He's wearing a corset?
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He was on the front page of the NYT Thursday Styles section, wearing that tie and a different shirt.

Looks much better here than in that photo. In the NYT one, seemed almost as if both tie and shirt were almost the same pattern
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He's got style, that's for sure.
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Mory always looks great! This outfit would fail on 99.999% of guys but he rocks a hurricane.
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Wow. There is no way I could pull that off but I must say - that is a bloke with panache. Nice.
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The waist suppression is breathtaking (pun only partially intended).
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The colorful tie and shirt combination probably wouldn't work on someone else, but he really radiates confidence and therefore is able to pull it off.

Btw, is that the same jacket we've seen on him before or does he have several suits cut that way?
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I dunno. Something about it I just don't like. Too much waist supression, perhaps, which is unusual for me to say. Too much hourglass perhaps?
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The shirt and tie are a bit much. I mean, it works, but in a costumey way.

I have no problems with the suppression on the waist, but I'd prefer a bit more structure in the shoulders to make it more military and less feminine (not that he actually looks feminine by any means.) Plus, this would help keep his head from looking so large.
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I think his multicolored bracelet is an interesting accessory...wonder if there's a story behind it or if he just thought it'd look cool with his carnival palette he's chosen for the day?
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Who is this Mory dude?
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The tie is too short. He wears his suits a bit too close-fitting for my taste, but he seems to know how to "work it".
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He looks mildly ridiculous.
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