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Anyonce carry 2 sizes of the SAME topcoat?

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Basically one to wear with a suit jacket, and a smaller size for times without the suit jacket (i.e. just dress shirt, sweater, etc.) The position I'm looking to accept requires dress shirt and tie 80% of the time, and 20% suit & tie, which is why I'm looking to purchase a the same exact topcoat in 2 different sizes. If I just purchase the smaller size (for dress shirt, no suit) - as for what to do when I actually have to wear my suit, I have not a clue, except maybe hold it in my forearm and then change into it in the office; which may become a hassle down the line if you throw in rain, snow, crowded subway, and travel to client office and home office during the day (intra-city). So I'm possibly thinking of purchasing the same topcoat in two sizes, am i crazy? PS, how hard would it be to tailor a topcoat, primarily take in on the sides and possibly shorten? Thanks.
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It's not like a properly-fitted topcoat is going to look horrendously oversized if you're not wearing a jacket. If you've got money to burn, sure, buy two. I'd just get one and make sure it was impeccably fitted.
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I would just have two different coats, one for wearing over a suit or sports jacket, and one for wearing without.

Although, if you wear jacket without too much shoulder padding and chest material, the same topcoat will look slim either way.
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I wouldn't get the exact same. Also, the extra 1 inch or so of shoulder won't bother me if it was really that hot/rainy that I can't wear my jacket.
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Personally, if I were going to have two coats, I would get a car coat for wearing without a suit and a more traditional overcoat for wearing with a suit.
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A bulky sweater isn't much if any smaller then a jacket.
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Just get a topcoat with very soft shoulders. If it, and your jackets, fit well there should be barely any difference.
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Thanks for info. I've tried with and without and there's a huge difference (even though my suit jacket is well fitted and barely has shoulders).

I need to go about 2 sizes down to have a snug (but still breathable) fit. Not a fan of car coats, but it was still a good alternative. I've been drawn to simple toggles lately but I think it might be a passing fad on my part. Looks like I'll be getting two sizes of the top.
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I wouldn't worry about the size difference ... we're talking overcoat.

I can't image ever getting two of exactly the same thing ... unless it's something you know will wear out and might not be available to purchase again at a later date ... but you just love it so much you'll not be able to find happiness without it.

I'd get a different second coat ... and expand the wardrobe possibilities.
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I live off 9th Ave. and work in IB. These boys mock you if your cuff is half-inch showing as supposed to quarter inch.

But you're probably right, grow the 'drobe. Maybe one camel, another charcoal to switch it up.
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Sounds silly to me. Two size difference also sounds wrong - what kind of shoulder padding do your jackets have?

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work in IB. These boys mock you if your cuff is half-inch showing as supposed to quarter inch.
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I have done precisely what you have described. I have 1 coat that is tailored pefectly to go over a shirt and sweater, while the other is tailored to go over shirt + suit jacket. Not such a crazy idea IMHO....
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I have a traditional overcoat in charcoal to go over jackets, and a slightly more casual top coat in a subtle navy and brown plaid for when I'm not wearing a jacket. I don't really see the need to have two of the same exact coat in two different sizes when they will be used for, what I assume, different reasons. Variety is the spice of life!
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I agree - doesn't have to be the exact same topcoat, but hey, if it is a good coat, then why not?
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