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Have you seen this shirt?

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I am looking for a black shirt, button down, spread collar, fitted, with double-cuffs. I would prefer some sort of black design on the black shirt (so that it is not plain and boring). I found my dream version of this at Versace Jeans Couture, but it was $205, which is too much for a shirt that I plan to knock around in with jeans (tucked out with black Bally Chelsea boots). I found a non-design version at Club Monaco, but it wasn't exactly what I'm looking for. Any thoughts or ideas? Both my wallet and I would appreciate it.
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Try Theory, although I'd look for them on sale, as they're extremely over-priced in my opinion.
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Sounds exactly like a Costume National shirt I have with a subtle textured black on black design, MOP buttons, convertible french cuffs, and a very slim cut (I got mine a size up and it's still the tightest shirt I have). I got it off Yoox two seasons ago (and overpaid since it went down to about half the price in the final markdown period ). I know this isn't too helpful since the shirt isn't available, but you might want to check out Yoox or see if any stores near you carry Costume National. Another possible brand to look at is Theory; they do a lot of black clubwear-type shirts. Edit: PeterMetro beat me on the Theory suggestion by a matter of seconds, but as I said, check out Costume.
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Thanks guys for the quick response. As usual, very helpful. I will certainly check around for Theory and Costume National.
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i have a helmut lang that would likely fit the bill - and there was a rack of them on sale at saks this month, some had single cuff, some were double cuff, all in various weaves, all inexplicably overly tight so buy one size up
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Are you sure you don't want to order one from Jantzen Tailors
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Sounds like it's right up Zara's alley, assuming you live in New York, Miami, Toronto, Vancouver, Quebec City, or Calgary.
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My favorite brand for jeans is Helmut Lang and Marc by Marc Jacobs.
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