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Says the guy who kept rushing when we were up in a match.
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Does anyone else notice that walkie talkie sound? That constant blip? Annoys the hell out of me
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And yes, SMGs are the shit. I use a SMG with a sniper as my secondary in core. HC just three attachments for my primary and whatever else for perks
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Originally Posted by Szeph el raton View Post

SMG + the Laser pointer thing is way overpowered. I don't see any reason to use anything but SMG or Assault Rifles. The sniper rifles and LMGs are getting more useless in every new release of CoD.
watching ernest le with a sniper and you will retract that statement happy.gif
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How dare you, you motherfucker
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Mauro should stop turning when he hears his claymore is hacked
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New trophies are fun. "Commando: kill 5 enemies in 3 seconds after climbing an object." What?

Saw a guy go 1-48 in TDM. That's impressive even if you're trying.

SMGs all good. Think the mag on the PDW puts it over the edge. Not loving the ARs but Type 25, FAL, M8 all workable.

Care package is the best it's been in any COD ever. Multi team is a ton of fun. If you need a ghost class and you haven't unlocked it yet, pick the Scorpion default.
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Awesome connections and spawns
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You guys still playing this? I should have sold off MW3 and COD2 when I could have gotten a good price off of Ebay.

Had an appt this eve so got an early start on two bombers and two milk stouts and trashed some (italian?) guys on BO. Ah, the good old days. Also, Diamond Knot is unquestionably the finest brewery on the left coast.
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Yep. Way Better than MW3. Servers still suck at times. FAL is a monster.

No clue what you're talking about in the second paragraph
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Trying battlefield out again. I still have to play crysis!
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who's getting Ghosts?
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