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bought bo2 today

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Here's what Mauro does for 10 minutes

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That's why I team kill constantly
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best scorestreak is the Guardian. basically guaranteed 20+ kills with it.
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Got it yesterday for PC. It's fun but the movement and stuff is different enough from MW3 to get me owned all the time.

I also think I need a new graphics card. Seems that finally my GTX 260 has lost the resolution battle against my 2560x1440 pixel screen. Not really feeling to shell out the money for a 7950 / GTX 670 though.
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My initial thoughts:

I like most of the maps with the exception of Plaza. They are about as varied as any in the series which helps promote build diversity.

Recoil, or the lack thereof, is absurd - I've died a lot more from noobs than any shooter I've ever played - some SMJs (like the PDW) are unstoppable at close to medium range

Re-spawn points are as lame as they were in BO I and can lead to serious deathstreaks

Pick 10 system is awesome

Coordinated teamwork is still difficult to pull off, for those of you that played MoH Warfighter - I thought the fire team concept was an fantastic idea and I wish the CoD guys would implement there own version of it. Basically the ability to track a teammate through walls.
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The sound is shit on this game. I am using dead silence and awareness and get killed without hearing a damn thing. The guys who are killing me aren't even using dead silence, i dont hear a thing until im watching the killcam
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I agree BG and it doesn't help that every 30 seconds some fucking tune is playing the background. I disable them and it helped but not a lot...
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The spawns are bad but fixable.

SMGs are ridiculous.

Gameplay is a lot better when you have ghost and claymores.
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They need to nerf SMGs but it will never happen
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SMG + the Laser pointer thing is way overpowered. I don't see any reason to use anything but SMG or Assault Rifles. The sniper rifles and LMGs are getting more useless in every new release of CoD.
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The thing I've noticed is that the k:d gap between good players and scrubs in tightening. This has everything to do with recoil and spraying - especially at it relates to SMGs. Its killing the competitive aspects of the game and turning it into a piece of arcade nonsense.
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They'll nerf as necessary. Remember the akimbo fmg9 in MW3? that was so much fun until they patched it twice.
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I am a beast so SMG's aren't shit to me. I wish my group of friends would play more like a team. We are pretty unstoppable but if we played as voltron we would be unstoppable.
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