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I see.
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holy shit
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How does this preorder nuketown thing work? Did I miss the wave or something? I preordered last night but see that some are expired. I click on the nuketown part and it just takes me to the store to COD shit
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Isn't it just a code or some shit

I think you're covered
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I saw if you preorder before 11:59pm tonight you get nuketown.
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I think its just the website, says there is a lot of traffic and its moving slow
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double xp this weekend too
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Man my shit Internet is F'n me over when I get booted. Everytime I log on I'm on probation..free gump
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Pay your bill
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fucking core...
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i bought .....its to much like modern warefare

to many campers iam very aanoyed wtih treyarch

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fucking pieces of shit
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Lol. Mad
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my game is sitting on my shelf unopened frown.gif
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